Online Order Prep Ticket problems -- Bigholler & P.O.S

We currently have Point of Success and Bigholler for our online ordering. We are having an issue to where the online order Prep tickets look nothing like our normal Prep Tickets. We had the matching done by our dealer that is providing support, but they say that the online ordering tickets cannot print in multi-level like our other tickets because of the P.O.S. coding. All that can be done is turn ‘Text Wrapping’ on so that the item wraps to the next line instead of getting cut-off. Is anyone else having this issue and if so, how did you get around it?

I attached a picture of the two prep tickets (side by side) showing the difference. Each order is exactly the same. Can’t we get the Online Order Prep Tickets to print our items exactly how all other order types print???

Looking at the Online Prep Ticket, we have no idea if this is a SM Hawaiian Pizza or Calzone!! It is very frustrating…

I have never used either, but i have to call BS on your dealer saying they can’t. They are setting something up wrong.

After setting up Reventions online ordering 3 times now (yes i have had to build it from scratch twice because of problems) it looks like the online ordering side was setup wrong. They did not match up the item classes correctly with your local POS. I noticed this a lot with my online ordering when i bought the store.

Gary replied on their forum and let me know that this is how Point of Success works. The online orders will not print the ‘Super Button’ caption or the size selected on an online order since that button wasn’t used like it would be for a local order. It will only print the product description. So we are using the online product description and trying to make sure they are descriptive enough to work for the cooks.

Does anyone else use Bigholler and Point of Success? If so, how did you resolve this issue?

We currently use both as well and to be quite honest I’m not happy with big holler at all the only reason we use them is because it’s integrated. We have also had issues with the way the products get matched and transfered over and big holler is of no help with a solution. What I did with the advice from point of success was make a dummy button to match the online order product with. It was extremely difficult to match the online product with combo and super buttons so I just created an item on the product list and made the descriptions look as close to what it looks like on our POS and this was the best solution. You do not need to add it to your menu design. It’s not exactly what I want it to say but it’s close enough to not confuse the kitchen.

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Also I highly advise against using big hollers descriptions in our situation the descriptions were way different.

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You can make the item description whatever you want it to be on your BigHoller menu. Can’t you do that?

I can’t imagine dealing with a huge flaw like this.

This is defeating the purpose. Why bother having it integrated ?

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I wish it was that simple. We have this set now to use the online menu description. It’s printing the (actual name of the item) (size) and then tries to print the toppings. It is VERY frustrating trying to deal with this. It is totally different than anything that prints out from local orders. I can’t abbreviate to get better printing on the prep ticket because this is what the customers see on the online menu.

I’ve attached a prep ticket with a simple Personal Sausage Pizza. This is a mistake waiting to happen! Sure the cooks should read the tickets and not make mistakes, but this looks foreign compared to how our (locally ordered) Personal Sausage Pizza would print on a normal prep ticket. It’s like having a whole separate menu to learn for our cooks on the makeline. I haven’t even started testing the other menu items, but I am sure those will be just like this.

This seems like a basic function of any other POS with online integration. If I had known this flaw at purchase time, I may have chosen a different solution.

Jeff you guys should seriously look into getting different online order providers to integrate. I’m also not receiving good feedback from my customers about the ease of use many are confused how to use it and big holler is not flexible in the way they setup their menu.

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The local order and online order kitchen receipts will output very similarly, if not identically, in most cases. Local menu design is the key. When an online order is entered into the Point of Success system, each item outputs the product description. A local order will also output the product description but also can include other descriptions provided by local buttons. Put another way, an online order does not have the benefit of descriptions provided by local menu ordering buttons.

In the case where a local menu has already been designed and the output from an online order is not identical or similar enough, there are two approaches to resolve this matter:

  1. Reprogram the local menu so the output is identical whether the order is placed locally or online

2)Create new products that are only used to output online order items. The product description can be tailored to match the local output order very closely, if not identical.

A vast majority of our customers have no issues with online ordering descriptions but there are those that do and should call their dealer or our support department to determine the best course of action.

Jeff, Thanks for the reply.

I spoke with my dealer (which is who set the local menu up) and he told me the best way to handle this is to adjust the product ‘receipt’ descriptions on our local server. So I went into the table editor and fixed the product receipt descriptions of every product so that when an online order is printed, we will know what each of the online orders are referring to. I’ve already made the adjustments, now I just have to do some test online orders to make sure everything looks good. He said that the receipt descriptions won’t affect any of the local orders since those use the button captions. Let me know if there is something else I should do as well

Thanks again.

You got it all. Using the database editor to change the receipt description is a little dangerous!