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Ok I know this topic has been brought up before, my business partner is very adamant that I implement this & is very impressed with “WIX” any thoughts or other direction, I strongly dont feel online ordering is what my customers want or would use very often. Maybe I should take an online poll on my business FB page??

Never heard of WIX. I will say tho, i would not do online ordering if it did not tie directly into my POS. Headaches beyond compare dealing with orders that have to be manually entered into the system via some third party.

If you are using a POS system check with them to find out if they allow any third party websites to tie directly in, or if they have their own online ordering website.

Absolutely will do that makes since

Did my research & found that my POS uses anyone use this ??? Looks simple. My business partner wanted me to redo my complete website which includes online ordering wix charges $25 a month for web & online orders, BUT I contacted them & they are a standalone I explained difference to my partner hopefully he understands & gets why I will choose click4ameal, even though its $49/month annually.

No way I would even consider one that does not tie directly into my POS.

I prefer one offered by the POS company which is what we have. That way you can count on any changes made on either the ordering or POS platform to be taken care of. If you go third party and either side (POS or ordering website) makes changes you may be struggling to get things working correctly.

Furthermore, if you go with one that emails or faxes the order to you you then have to enter it which slows things down and gives you the opportunity to add mistakes. One of the benefits of online is that you don’t have to answer the phone and take the time to enter the order… I don’t see the point of doing online if you don’t enjoy that benefit!

I’ll repeat what the others say.
Online ordering is here to stay. I would only consider online ordering if it integrated with my pos.
With integrated online ordering , the order comes through like any other order. No one to answer the phone or input the order.

The other way defeats the purpose.

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