Online ordering and General questions

Long story short, been using Aloha Table Service for about 9 or so years in our restaurant. We seat roughly 300 and we deliver our menu which is full blown Italian & pizzeria.

Anyhow, as some of you might know, their software consists of the original program for the dining room and what is essentially an add on called Takeout and Delivery for, you guessed it, takeout and delivery. The dining room part of their software is pretty solid stuff and I’m happy with it, but their Takeout and Delivery is pretty much years behind in comparison to POS systems designed specifically for this.

My reason for posting is because I NEED to get online ordering up and running as soon as possible. Trying to get it integrated with Aloha, no fax or emails because our guys just don’t have the time to manually input the orders when they start coming in (they are already swamped during the rush with phone orders and takeout orders).

So that sounds easy enough and I called and called everyone I could and 90% of them wouldn’t take my money because we are a single unit location! Our sales surpass many 3-5 location restaurants! My only guess is they wanted to charge me by location? Anyhow, so I contacted radiant directly and apparently our concept is too “complex” for their online ordering system that they offer… They tried, I’ll give them that, but they said its in its infancy… Ugh. Ok whatever.

Eventually I found a company willing to work with us, Patron Path (nice guy) but their system isn’t 100% integrated (apparently nobody but radiant’s is), so I’m not sure what to do there. Total integration is very important during the rush, I don’t want an order to fall behind because it requires a driver or an order taker to manually do something. Also to me that partially defeats the purpose.

So here I am, at a crossroad. Keep what I have and hopefully someone chimes in with what they are successfully using with Aloha, or start browsing for a POS system that is CUTTING EDGE yet can handle 300 seats, 10+ servers AND a full takeout and delivery business with rock solid stability…

What to do??

I just looked at a Granbury (Firefly) demo and it looks like their online ordering is fully integrated. It was pretty slick.