online ordering and tap to eat

im curious if anyone has done business with this company. Are they legit? Cant find much on them on the web.

not much info on tap to eat app and software coming in? Who do use for online ordering a d mobile aps?

Hi Scott,
How did you hear about Tap to Eat?

They called and asked for a meeting after multiple calls to the shop. The proposed platform looks amazing but i cant find anyone who actually uses them.

I sent them an email and asked if they could give me a list of their current clients and got no response back from them!

I made the mistake of signing up with TaptoEat before finding their Yelp reviews. They debited my account $399 immediately for a set up fee. After 2 weeks of working with their tech support on my menu, they acknowledged that they are still working on being able to handle the basics, like half and half or light and extra toppings. This morning they charged my bank account the $399 set up fee again! They’ve also stopped replying to my emails and phone calls. It’s unfortunate because the platform is nice and just needs a few refinements but they have a track record of not following through. It looks like on Yelp that several companies are in the process of taking legal action against them and I’m afraid that if don’t end my involvement with them now I’m likely to be out even more.

You need to contact your bank and block access to debiting your account.

Thanks. They open in 107 minutes, I plan to!

I would suggest that you also contact the BBB in your area AND in thier local area as well as check out your state attorney general website and see if you can find anything on there for reporting disreputable business practices. Once the BBB contacts them, I would not be surprised if you get a refund.

I’ll admit that we had a rough start with Tap To Eat in that we were getting slow and then no responses to bugs. However, I hear they have new management and we have seen a difference. Ian has been especially great so far, positive, responsive, and quick to make fixes. I do like being able to make menu edits myself on the fly via their web interface app. Looking forward to a new future with this product and company! Here are some samples starting off with my restaurant first;

No offense Gabe, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are employee at Tap to eat. Their reputation is really poor.

Gabe… your restaurant is in Michigan but you live in Laguna Beach Cali? that’s quite a commute …SUSPECT!

He has to be. I am the owner of Piezanos and they are awful! I canceled them. I they are the most unprofessional, unorganized, overcharging group of people I have done business with. Please do not post anything about Piezanos.

This is so funny! This thread shows just how awful taptoeat is. They are almost at the bottom of their downward spiral. Taptoeat: looks like your new management style isn’t working as stealthy as you thought. I hope they don’t change their name and start over…ripping off a whole new set of customers.

Tap to Eat was a regrettable experience. Platform develops new glitches weekly and staying on top of them is a headache for the most part. Never did receive the mobile ap platform. The platform that was delivered was still a much more inferior platform that was promised to us in the beginning.

Scott Dean.
Piezanos Pizza

We did receive an increase in orders from making online ordering available. Does anyone have any reccomendations as to a new company for our online ordering needs?

I currently use Bygrid[/URL] they do a fairly good job and work with my computer system (speedline). I used Ethor before that and wasn’t happy with them. Back in the day I used [URL=‘’]imenus360 and loved them the downfall was that they aren’t compatible with speedline.

Stay a way from this company and let as many people as possible to stay a way from them. They are the worst company I had ever deal with…

I would like to sue them on my behalf. Is there any idea!!!

I would like to sue them. any idea!!!

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