online ordering and tap to eat is hands down the best for online ordering. They’ll build you a website, mobile app, coupons, marketing strategies, and I never have to wait on hold or call 1800 numbers. My rep is always there for me and I only pay $79 a month. If you dont believe me, call them for yourself. My rep is Dan and he said if i refer a friend he’ll knock $10 off of my monthly fee. The same goes for anybody out there. If i refer 8 people I’ll get the service for free so mention my name!! My reps number is 585-261-1613

Yea this place a scam and I think everyone that posted a good review on them that are good can be fake because I see others reviews I found on bbb and other places so don’t trust this company they will steal your money if you let them they are also call by grublabs it to cover up the trial they made with tap to eat be careful here are the links for you to review.


Here a picture of the owner I found online it him his name is [B][SIZE=6]Joe Puglise


“Filling a class action lawsuit against them. Anyone who wants to join?” - They are into taking small restaurants advantage by suggesting that with their web-food ordering system you can generate more money and keep it that using Grubhub and other online ordering services. This in reality cannot be true as small businesses do not have the marketing capacity of any of these giants. In essence you end up paying their monthly dues. As they will not cancel the even you tell them within 30 days.

If you are enduring the pain of having to pay them while you do not make any money via their services and want to seek justice, please contact us at