Online ordering: Does it fit your operation?

With more and more business taking place online, from shopping to banking to movie rental, isn’t it inevitable that more pizza business will be conducted online? Are you moving your operation in this direction? Are there some tips about selling pizza online that you’d like to share?

I believe it fits in with all pizza operations no matter the size. And it is getting easier all the time with sites like When all a shop has to do is have a dedicated fax machine, I can’t imagine it would be any easier.

we offer a free website to all pizza restaurants located in new york city with online ordering as an option at a percent of the orders done from the website
if you only want a website then there is no charge at all
you can change the look and feel of the site a little and we will be glad to help you with that also at no charge
you can change and mange your menu
no contract is required
you only pay if you want us to take orders for you online
all orders will be faxed to your store faxmachine
free pizza delivery website in new york

Of all our clients, the ones that do best with online ordering are those who include their website and mention online ordering in all their print advertising, have window signs, and send out regular e-coupons or other notices. This really helps to get the word out. The best part for our clients in the larger check order size.

Rudy and Gina Vener
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What does a basic site with online capabilities cost and the average length of time for apositive ROI?

The real key to success is online ordering combined with emarketing.

Based on statistics from our clients. same stores sales increase up to 30%; average tickets increase up to 24%; 10X results from emarketing over print.

Program ranges from $59 per month for basic up to $149 per month for total package which includes us handling emarketing & customer database management.

Per transaction varies, depending on if it runs through your pos or if you use fax

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Yes, SSL certificates are a good way to inspire trust. Another good one is to have the BBB emblem displayed on your site, if you belong.

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just use if you need a good backend

why pay the $$$$ when you have a company that manages that for you

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Online ordering wouldn’t work at my place, we do not have POS.

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Speaking of POS, do all system intergrate with online ordering or just a few? I am currently looking at the “Point Of Success” software system but this is a key option for us as we are opening in October and want to roll out the online ordering when we open.

I figure with the lunch crowd if they are busy they can order ahead and have it ready when they walk in the door.

We have implemented online ordering a couple months ago and we get at least 2-3 orders per day, and growing. We are a “Big 3” franchise.

Our online order system is NOT integrated with our POS. It comes in on a separate computer which makes a loud chirp until the order is acknowledged. Someone must then key the online order into our POS system.

I started taking online orders in Dec and got about 45 orders that month. Now I get 150+ a month and it’s already over 7% of my $$$ sales volume. My system is not integrated with a POS but will be when I next update my POS system. YOU MUST do this sooner or later to compete… might as well do it now. My costs were $399 startup and about $99 a month.

You can check my online site at All comments are welcome!

If you’re looking “test the waters” with online ordering system, check out I built my restauant’s site in about 8 hours. There are some limitations to ehungry, but it only costs 10 bucks a month. It may not be as full-featured and versatile as the more expensive solutions, but you can’t argue the affordability.

My site is at

PJ’s has had online ordering since I’ve been there.

Yes, we do still get a lot of calls from people that appreciate they’re talking to the actual store and not a call center…however, the bulk of our orders seem to pop up from online customers.

We have also very recently implemented text messaging orders…we actually got one early this week, and they’re even already set up for text messagers to receive text message specials through their phone.

We utilize 3 websites to do our online ordering. One is that essentially is just like ordering from us but they take a small percentage in what they say is a marketing and advertising costs. Then we also use and The customer places orders with these sites and then these companies come and pick up the food and deliver it for us. This has helped in reaching customers who are not in our delivery area and also helps keep business by delivering when we dont have delivery drivers like before 4PM on the weekdays. All the orders come through on a fax machine. Its only a slight inconvience because we have to attend to these orders before any others due to the fact that they send their drivers over. Its easier to get them in and out of the store than having to listen to them complain when the food is not ready. Also when people order online for delivery through there is no delivery time that is given to them since it is an independent site, so we have had some complaints with long delivery times when we are busy on lets say a friday or sat. night. All in all its definitely been helpful to the business but I still cant believe how much people are willing to spend on pizza after all of the service charges for using some of those sites. On a side note we have started doing text message coupons for people who sign up. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on this I would appreciate the feed back.