Online Ordering? Experience?

Curious to know who is doing online ordering? If you are, which system are you using and do you like it?


Online ordering accounts for 20-25% of my business. We use the online ordering provided by our POS company, Microworks Prism. It’s fully integrated and mostly works well but from time to time there’s a small hicup, but at the volume we are at, I would never consider using an online provider that wasn’t fully integrated.

Paul -

Thanks for the reply!

Just curious - is it part of your website / embedded in it, or is it on a separate URL or domain?


It’s a separate URL that we link to from our website.

Can you share the link or no? Curious to see.

Either way, good volume of business there with the online ordering, huh?

Anybody else?

Same as Paul.

Do you like the system in general?

I use revention. It has bugs. We are just too big for their system i guess.

The online ordering system is fine but doesn’t support additional fees for longer distance deliveries which is lame. I’m a programmer by hobby and it would take very little to implement this considering the physical systems here at the store are already programmed for the fees to work just fine. Come to think of it, it would take very little to make their entire pos system go from ok to phenomenal. Not sure what their deal is. I’ve offered my assistance since they are local to me, but they laugh it off. Oh well, I guess that’s why I’m in the market for a new system. If I had the time and a few more people I would just write my own. So many top pos systems out there that are strong in some departments but fall totally flat in others. I never understood why.

My website is and there’s a link to the online ordering from there.

Good stuff guys! Thanks Paul!

So is there any value to you in someone calling businesses around your store and getting them set up on your ordering system?

I am testing for one store now.


We use Speedline as our POS and use Brygid for Online Ordering. If for some reason our internet is down and they can’t push the order directly to our POS, they will call us and read us the order over the phone. Customer never knows a difference. Brygid also hosts our website for free as part of the monthly online ordering fees. Our site is

Our online account for roughly 15-25% of our orders depending on location

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Is that how Speedline normally handles their online ordering (through Brigid)?

Reason I ask is that I use Foodtec (which I love by the way) but I DO NOT love my online ordering fees @ 3%…it is growing every year (27% of sales) and I will be paying $1k/month soon which is too much compared to Revention $99/month unlimited and others. I checked out your website and it looks really good especially with everything pictured…nice job! I actually made a french fry pizza after I saw your specialty pie menu…I can hardly move now but it was killer!

Lol. I was waiting for that.

Haha I’m glad you tried it, that’s one of our most popular specialties (we put fries on everything in Pittsburgh!) We had one of our employees take all the food pictures, he was a photography major and did a great job. No fake stuff either, all edible!

Speedline you can use Brygid, eThor, or RTO (real time ordering). We had eThor at first and we’re thrilled, but Brygid has been great. We pay $150 a month per location plus 15 cents per transaction. We charge a 50 cent service charge so most months it pays for it self. If foodtec solutions can integrate, I’d definitely look into it. Foodtec solutions was actually our second choice for POS but we’ve been so happy with speedline we’d never consider another one

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I pay 79 for hungerrush(revention). I’d never pay a percentage. 1k a month??? I complain enough about paying 79 per store for a few megabytes worth of tiny data being transferred.

You are paying $79 for data transfer? The collection, processing and formatting of that data is free?

I imagine they all have quirks because well Windows aint DOS…lol $79 flat fee for Revention/HungerRush - who’s mobile app does work really really good IMO. 35% of my sales at both shops are online ordering now. I dropped all extra services like GrubHub, etc.


Speedline and Brygid here also. A cost setup very similar to Steves. Once its all said and done we pay about 1% to them for the service, which is about 2K a month. In December we did just over 200K in online orders.

Now before you start coughing at the 2k a month…

Our average ticket for online orders is $4 higher. Which means we make an additional $.80 margin for each order.

Our labor cost are high here. Our average person makes $15.75 per hour with taxes insurance and other benefits. The average phone order takes 2.03 minutes which cost us $.53 per order. The fee for the online orders come in about $.24 per order

Put the 2 together and we make an additional $1.09 per online order, or about 7K a month.

Take out the 2K in fees and we have 5K going back into the Pirate fund. The labor cost savings may be a bit subjective being that we are going to have people here anyway, but I like to look on the brighter side of life. We have very little down time in the stores. No one is waiting around for the phone to ring.

And the system just works. We don’t get complaints. It never goes down. We never loose orders.

We are just under 30% online orders right now. Hoping to go to 50% in 2 years.

Legitimate question. I’m wondering if there’s value to the industry. Seems to me that the business lunch crowd is the area where pizza could improve numbers. Easiest way to do that is to call, get them excited about the pizza and get them ordering - or at least set up on the order system.

So my question is simply to know whether owners see value in reaching out to businesses in their zip code or not.