Online Ordering? Experience?

The business lunch crowd is certainly an area that we miss the boat on. But it isn’t because they don’t know we have online ordering, and it isn’t because they need help “getting set up on it” whatever that means.

Tell me about the business lunch crowd ordering a pizza online. Are they all ordering separate items and all paying with different credit cards? Are they splitting a large 3 ways on 2 different cards and cash? Do they need it delivered no earlier and no later than 12:10? Is my driver going to have to leave the order at the front desk where no one can sign the cc slip and offer a tip?

I’ve been using Brygid for years and actually introduced them to Speedline in the early days of online ordering… The fees I have seen some of you talking about leave me scratching my head as I negotiated a flat rate with them years ago that is well under $300 per month? We do over $30K a month online… Our average ticket is over $30 compared to just over $21 by phone and $16 by walk in. Build the costs into your product and plan for it in the same way a user of Grande does, as compared to folks who will use whatever is cheapest. Brygid and specifically Liem and Sy Bor Wong are absolute pros when it comes to customer service and they have been great partners for every pizza brand that I have developed to date. The original API from Brygid to Speedline was first used in my All Star Pizza Chain in the early 2000’s and provides a seamless transfer of order from website to POS… do not bother with manual entry and faxes…

All this being said, we are currently looking into new and current technology for our own business and consultation work. I am flirting with the idea of Thrive POS or more interesting to me is actually, Revel Systems POS, as they have complete interaction with the POS menu, blue tooth connected menu board smart TVs and our Online menu… Update the info and pics in my POS and the peripherals update live (I love this control btw) They also offer a completely web based, tablet driven product, which I believe is the future of our industry and rent instead of purchase pricing on everything (I plan on using the ever replacement plan so my equipment is new every two years… all of it, from printer, tablets, drawers, menu boards…)

I would never have risked trusting my POS to the internet connection but phone technology with wireless internet backup is changing my decision because it is pretty bulletproof… My friend John Scully’s cutting edge phone system and wireless internet back up coupled with internet based POS and ordering offers, in what my opinion, is the most current technology available to us in pizza… This phone system integrates with your POS providing the power of recording your employees taking orders on phone for training and playback. Create your own messages… Never put on hold auto answering, etc… Its really cool… sorry for the tangent, but I believe your investment right now should consider all of these elements together for a well thought out technological strategy, capable of keeping up with the big folks!

Good questions. We are in the process of finding out. So far, I don’t see orders being split up online. I think they expect one person to pay for it.

Now, as far as where leaving the order and tips - certainly in most cases you can demand that the person placing the order come up to sign the ticket. Don’t see why that would be a major issue…

I talked to a pizza place yesterday who sends out $5 gift cards to the companies in the area. They said they get a tiny bit of response, but not worth the expense of sending them out.

I would rather have someone on the phone talking to area businesses about the quality of my pizza, online reviews, unique pizzas we make, speed of delivery, etc. Whatever it is that sets you apart.


I’m sure that the rate has a lot to do with volume, they’re always willing to renegotiate the fees, but not until you reach certain levels. However, they have told me they don’t do flat rates/unlimited orders for a certain price.

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they do for me… maybe because I have been with them for so long… You should push the issue…


I’ll be sure to on the next negotiation…funny, it actually came from Sy Bor that they don’t do a flat fee.

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EZ-Chow specializes in integrating on line ordering from your website to your POS, unique and customized. The POS systems that we work with currently (and the list grows daily) are Micros 3700, including Simphony, Positouch, Aloha (certificate pending), Dinerware, and Infogenesis. In many cities, we can include delivery service at no cost to you, a loyalty program that works with your POS (in house and on line), develop custom mobile apps, kiosks and beacon technology.