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I have recently read many topics on this forum concerning online ordering. Questions like, “Will it work for me”, “Will it make a difference”, “Is it Worth It”, etc.

I would like to extend an offer to let you see first hand if it will work for you. . . .with 0 risk.

I founded an online ordering company 3 years ago, and have helped online ordering become successful for many restaurants, especially in the pizza industry. Our biggest hurdle of signing up clients has been trying to convince them that online ordering works, and works well.

And yes, it does.

I’ve been lurking for the past few days in this forum, and have seen that the type of person that reads this forum is business smart, sucessful, is always looking for ways to raise revenues, and decrease operation costs for your restuarant. This opportunity is meant for you!

The offer is simple. For the first 10 restaurant owners that are interested (up to 5 locations each), we will provide you with an online ordering website, in-store marketing materials, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at no cost for 3 months. If you find that this program works for you, you will be charge $75/mo thereafter until you decide to stop. If after 3 months you don’t like the results, you will not be charged. . .period.

If this program is sucessfull, I may extend this offer to more restuarant owners at a later date.

If you are interested, call me directly at 714.925.7700 and leave a message. You can also PM me. Contacting me does not mean commitment, you can also ask me questions. I’m here to help.

Live Demo:

Our Online Ordering Portal:


Is it possible for your customer’s website to not be a subdomain? To be honest, I wouldn’t want your domain name on my website because I don’t want my food associated with the word “grub.” Just a thought.

Piper -

If you have a website, you would just put a link “Order Online”. A click on this link would pop-up a window where the person would order online. You wouldn’t have to put our name on this link, but the domain would be “”. But this shouldn’t be a problem because the pop-up will look very similar to your website, and most people won’t notice the domain change, and would think it was a part of your website.

Of course, we do have solutions available that will allow your same domain through the ordering process, and could even be fully integrated with your website, but it requires a security certificate (apx $150/yr) and some customized coding on our part.

So, the short answer? Not for the free trial.

BTW, I think I forgot to mention, we do give you a personal domain, and a full website if you don’t already have one (live example, ). And yes, this is a part of the free trial! The marketing materials will have on them “”, which will point to your online ordering website.

I’ll will be happy to answer any additional questions.

OK, just a few more questions… thank you for offering to answer them!

Not being integrated with my POS, do the orders come in over a fax machine?

How do you handle quote times with online ordering? Sometimes we’re running 15 minutes, sometimes it’s 45.

Does the system verify addresses before submitting delivery orders? Can it make sure it’s 1) a valid address and 2) is inside of our delivery zone?

How are store hours handled? Can it automatically shut off at closing and restart at a certain time in the morning?

  1. Yes, this free demo is for fax solution only. We do implement to POS machines (Firefly, Positouch, InTouch, Micros, etc) but this is not included in the free trial.

All faxes are followed up with an automated phone call to confirm the order. If the fax is down, we will read off the order. If the order is not confirmed, we will call manually to confirm, or read off the order if necessary.

  1. Currently, order times are based off of an average time (say, 20 minute pickup, 45 min delivery). On occasion this average time will be too short (say for super bowl). But, you have access to change this time anytime you wish by logging to your admin account. For one-off situations, you can always give the customer a call when you receive the order to let them know it will be longer (you get customer name & phone # on the fax)

Customers are generally exstatic if their pizza comes early, but the order is sent with the time that the order will be delivered. This means you could even squeeze in some orders that are called in as long as you get the online ordering customers order to them on the time specified on the fax. !!!

  1. Yes. We verify address using Google maps. Your delivery radius is customized to your exact specifications, Example:

  2. Yes. Online Orders can be made anytime, but will only be allowed to be picked up/delivered during your store hours. Orders that are make during non-store hours will be sent the next morning when you open (minus prep time). Orders can be made up to two weeks in advance.

Thanks for your answers Jason…

I’m definitely interested.

Nice. Wireless internet connection offshore, order pizza. How is it delivered? Via boat or maybe scuba diver carrying a waterproof pizza box? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Jet Ski is my vote!

You can have the Good Year Blimp drop it off. Oh wait, different thread. :?

Ha ha. . .but seriously . . . sign up is simple, just a small form over the phone. We will also need a current menu, and a high quality graphic of your logo (for the marketing materials). If you don’t have one, we will make one for you. There is also a service agreement that needs to be signed (not a length of time contract).

We are very reputable, if you want I can give you a list of references. We currently have over 150 live restaurants using our service, and have been in business for 3 years.

Let me know by PM or Phone Call 714.925.7700.

Thank you for those that have responded to this offer. There are 4 spots still available for those that would like to be apart of this free trial offer. To get started send me an PM, or call. 714.925.7700