Online Ordering looking for new

We’re using ChowNow and not that happy.
Whats another company to use for Online Ordering?

Cash draw was busted into from a robery two nights ago. Any POS systems or tablet system with a cash drawer that won’t break the bank. Things aren’t going good.

I use Heartland , have been for 3 yrs now and absolutely love it. Not only is its ease of use, i can actually watch #s from anywhere in the world thru online backoffice system, online ordering system as well, and link thru my website for online ordering

Can I ask how much it is per month and what all came with it?
Does it have a loyalty program?

I have 2 tablets(I bought), 1 kitchen printer, 2 front counter printers, 2 cc machines, 1 caller id, 2 cash drawers online ordering. And yes a loyalty points program. My monthly is 240. I had an upfront cost, honestly forgot how much. A friend of mine whom installed it all owns the business associated with Heartland. I absolutely love my system, as i can go on vacation or be at home and watch the numbers, looks at order tickets, make menu changes, and add/subtract items. I use to have redfin, at which customer support was horrible.

Toast is the way to go I can help you out if you want with the best setup combo of integrations etc before you speak to them because not everyone there knows the best way to utilize pizza menus accordingly

I’m in Keystone, a ski town. I looked at all of the options out there, I use Heartland POS. The on-line ordering is very easy, and really good for ordering pizza. - through out the ski season, we were getting about 20-30 online orders every night. Heartland, does a few things I love. 1. it’s apart of the POS, if you run out of wings, then those will get taken off of the web site in real time. 2. I don’t have to re-enter the order. It goes straight to the kitchen. (i love that) 3. every customer i have talked to, said it was the best online ordering have used. very easy.

Going on three years with heartland. Highly recommend it.