Online Ordering Setup With Point Of Success Question

I’m running into a lot of issues with my “mapping” of the online ordering into my database. I’m getting the feeling I’ve done a few things a little incorrectly when I originally set up my menu.

My pizza menu is set up under a single “super button” that lists crusts at the top, sauces next, then all the individual toppings and under that are buttons for my specialty pizzas that have the inclusions of each individual topping that are listed above those toppings.

Currently it calculates costs by starting with the cost of a cheese pizza for the selected size and then charges per topping or a set cost to “add” a specialty pizza.

So, it would show:
XL Pepperoni
$10.95 (base price) + $1.67 (additional topping) = $12.64
XL Supreme
$10.95 (base price) + $5.00 (cost for a specialty) + 15.95

It looks like in the mapping that it will only charge $5.00 for a XL Supreme because it doesn’t require a base cost like the build your own pizza map does.

Do you guys use a separate super button for specialty pizzas, or have I done the set up wrong?

Their tech support has been okay, but I thought some of my issues might be resolved easier by talking to people who have done the menu builds too.

On my system, Big Holler set up my specialty pies w/check boxes that have the ingredients already selected…then the customer deselects if necessary…(I use Super Button too)

All the specialty pies need to be mapped & one time for ingredients, i.e. pepperoni, olives etc…

I believe you’ll need to set-up more “legends” for your customers to make crust choices & the appropriate costs

It sounds like you may need more set-up time w/BH

It can be done, but a bit more time w/your system

It looks like your question relates to how the pizza will be charged in your online menu versus in the restaurant POS. The product matching you are doing does not affect the prices charged. The online menu price comes into Point of Success exactly as it was charged online. Product matching is only used for reporting purposes and to direct prep tickets to the correct location in the kitchen.

Jeff…to get the BH site to mimic the super button, you’ll need to set up “legends” for each specialty pizza…not hard to do…& quite useful…then the customer can deselect items they don’t want w/o using the comment button…pricing, as Jeff said, does not function like it does on the super button, but the price listed…

But we found that if you don’t have the matching set up, when you go to adjust an on-line order, it can alter the taxes charged…a minor issue…