ONLINE ORDERING: What's Your Take?

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Each year, we revisit the topic of online ordering in the pages of PMQ. Help us round out the article with your opinions on the subject.

Do you offer online ordering?
If you don’t offer online ordering, why not?
What percentage of your sales come from online orders?
How do you market online ordering to your customers?
What are the pros and cons of online ordering?
What do you tell other operators considering starting an online ordering program?

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Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
PMQ Pizza Magazine

I’ve just read this post and I think I can share some information. I have quite a bit of experience with online ordering: my company actually has created a cutting-edge online ordering product called Smarter Takeout, so I can outline the advantages that attract restaurants’ owners in online ordering. There is a list of just some basic advantages guaranteed by online ordering integration:

  • No need of phone as you receive orders in real time
  • No miscommunication as customers control the ordering process
  • Easy access to menus and specials
  • Sales increase to the fast-growing internet-savvy audience
  • Significant labor saving
  • Ability to conduct successful online campaigns
  • Customers satisfaction as a result

The most popular chain restaurants are now getting a lion share or their orders through online ordering. With rapid growth of internet sales online ordering option seems to be a must.
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