Online Ordering (?)

do you need a POS system to use OLO?

Not sure, but a POS is almost as important as your oven these days…

I’m sure the answer is no, b/c I think you can set it up so it sends orders thru your fax or email.

And yes, Royce is right IMO.

Definately need a POS and one that supports the online ordering system your using. I use revention POS and Hunger Rush OO. It’s kinda pricey but I’m modeling to franchise now, so it fits my model. My OO sales started around 6% but with marketing and exposure I’m up to 16% with 48% pick-delivery and 52% eat in.

No, orders can be sent via faxes or email.

I utilize olo and DO NOT have a POS system. I use, which costs me about $15 per month. They fax and email me the order, and call me to remind me I have an order.

Average olo order is $26.23, vs my phone average at about $18.

How do you track your client’s names and order history without a POS?..There is a huge value in the database if you work it…Now I am not saying you can not do it without a POS but it has to be more work…And on a busy night on the phone it will save time…That saved time might give you an extra order or two from impatient folks who do not want to go on hold and might hang up…Knowing exactly what your client’s ordered last time will assist you in “up selling”…If you can find a way to save up for a POS over 6 to 12 months you can probably find away to start with one…

I have a question. Is there not software you can purchase that will do very much the same thing as a POS…I think it and I may be wrong but this is to me one of the most price gauging items there is…It is a great tool with many benefits but it again TO ME seems very over priced for a somewhat simple software design.

Whilst it can be done with fax and email I’d really suggest against it.

I remember back to 2005 when I first started and we had a fax system in place for just a few weeks whilst the link to my POS was configured. In the heat of a busy night, we’d not notice the fax sat there (let alone have time to check email), pages would blow under the counter only to surface an hour later when the customer called to complain. Technically the system worked well but in practise in a busy shop it was just not workable for me.

Now it OLO’s come straight up on my makeline screen, So far this year we averaged around 34% sales via our on line system - couldn’t think what we’d do without it now but I know it wouldn’t work with fax!

People use online ordering to order their dine in meal? Seems odd to me.

I was just stating my overall sales, not just oo sorry, kinda got gooped up there, I’m tired workin 15 16 hours a day :stuck_out_tongue:

People use online ordering to order their dine in meal? Seems odd to me.

We actually have a few clients who’s customers place the order before they get there for dine-in. I would have not thought much about it, but it works if you are in a hurry.

We also have a large group of customers that do not have a POS and the faxing systems, email, or phone works well for them. It is just another “what fits your restaurant best” type of things, and how much you want to spend.


does all online ordering make the customer pay with cc only? you can’t prank order with OLO can you?

We do not require credit cards for purchase, and i know many other online ordering companies are the same. You have the option of payment type.

While I can see how this can be a issue for fraud, I have (knock on wood) never had a restaurant complain of fraudulent orders.

A small operation can definitely operate without a POS. I’ve seen many that use the old-fashioned pencil and paper method.

But, it you plan on any significant volume, then a Pizza POS is well worth the money. A pizza POS is a pretty specialized piece of software. It’s not just order entry, but manages deliveries, driver banks, customer info, order history, etc. In my POS, I have integrated Caller ID, so when a customer calls in, I know who they are, what they ordered last, and how many times they’ve ordered. Some of my deliver orders take less than a minute to complete.

If you weigh the lifetime value of a POS, I’m sure you’ll see that it’s fairly inexpensive for the functionality and benefits to you, your staff, and your customers.

My online ordering system does not make a customer pay by CC, although about 75% do. Knock on wood, but I’ve never had a prank order with my online ordering. It’s no different that phone orders as for potential of prank orders.

To myself the main benefit of OLO is removal of labour and subsequent mistakes. (Increased ticket avg doesn’t hurt either!) ie… we are running at approx 14% OLO now. That is 14 out of 100 times the phone didn’t ring, the ability to make a mistake entering the order is gone, freed up the line so somebody didn’t get the “hold please” ( or worse, busy signal), could deal with that pickup customer in front of us etc etc. To have a fax or email arrive followed by a phone call is the direct opposite of all the above. Now, if you never have more than three or four orders at a time, MAYBE it would be ok.
Revention POS with HungerRush integral OLO.

People use online ordering to order their dine in meal? Seems odd to me

we have offices that get limited time so a lot of time they place there order so we have it ready to bring to the table when they arrive.
I like online ordering for a few reasons.

  1. the most important is I gather there email address to market with constant contact in the future.
  2. if there is a mistake its on there end,
    3)mine is faxed, then it send my cell a text as well, it prints on the printer that prints all the kitchen tickets and is sent to my pos…

I’ve read all the posts here related to online ordering. Hmmm…it seems like online ordering is a hot topic for pizza-restaurants owners. I have some experience with this subject as my company has developed a cutting-edge online ordering solution (it’s called Smarter Takeout). I’d like to share some of my knowledge.

I would love to say some words about online ordering for dine-in meals. I think it’s a great convenience for those who are tied to time. Moreover, ordering your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant for takeout is a bigger convenience. Those who are extremely busy are more likely to choose restaurants with the online food ordering facility. There are just some facts that may seem interesting for restaurant owners looking forward to integrating online ordering system into their workflow (just some data according to the National Restaurant Asscociation Survey):

  • 60% of adults between the ages 18 – 34 claim to be interested in home delivery than dining in restaurant
  • half of the consumers said they would take advantage of delivery service from their preferred restaurants if it were available
  • nearly 20% of quick-service restaurants provide their clients with online ordering option
  • most popular restaurant chains get about 20% of their orders through online ordering

The advantages guaranteed by online ordering integration are quite evident. There are just some basic pros concerning online ordering:

  • No need in phone use
  • No miscommunication and order mistakes thereafter
  • Increase in sales to growing internet-savvy audiences
  • Additional channel for marketing and promotion
  • Easy access to menus and specials
  • You boost your staff productivity who no longer have to spend time on phone and can devote more time to personal service to dine-in guests

Hope this information will be helpful

If you have questions please send me a PM or visit … ne_cp.aspx for more information.

im about to pull the trigger with a national OLS …
the good thing with them is their is no middle man- which ive heard messes up orders from time to time-
they allow you to track and market directly to those customers… they dont take a cut of the rev… and theres no contract.

for myself whom doesnt have a site yet… the 595 to build and upload alllllll menus and options was perfect…WITH the ability to receive orders via fax, voicemail, email, text ect.