Online ordering

So just in time to not be a full decade behind everyone else, I got my online ordering running yesterday. I still have a few bugs to correct but it is up and running. I was shocked to see 5 orders come in on it the first day with zero advertising. Being in a college town, if I advertise this, how much of my business might switch to ordering online?

I get between 30-45% of my orders (by sales) through online ordering each week. I advertise via google adwords, facebook and on my printed materials.

It’s amazing how many orders we get…shame I waited as long as I did…fewer calls…higher ticket avgs…next is to finish the on-line credit card system…

Last night we did 8 online orders with an average ticket of 175% of my average for the night. The smallest online order was higher than my average order. Maybe after all these years of not seeing the value of online ordering, I’ll be proved wrong. Can’t wait to see if this trend continues as the volume of orders increase. Once I start advertising online ordering and the students get back into town I can see this really taking off.

Thanks for sharing. I’m really wanting to get online ordering up in the near future. I wish the Point Of Success sale would have offered software I didn’t already have in the BOGO offer with online ordering, I would have snapped up a copy.

Call Jeff & I’m sure he’ll make you an offer worth your while…march forward!

Do you guys ever get bogus orders?..We get 50$ orders all day, what do you do about verifying if someone is really gonna come pick up a cash order? Does anyone do credit only through the web?

Our company site requires a credit card for payment (and in order to initially sign up the address you create your customer record with must match that on your credit card). I would believe that most customers ordering online would expect that requirement. The biggest problem is the customers paying online for carry outs and then giving their credit card again when they arrive - the “hey, I got charged twice!” call.

We also accept orders through a local university website where the students can pay by cash. To the best of my knowledge, we’ve never gotten an order pranked to us online - still a good number of late-night pass outs, but nothing deliberate. It’s probably too much effort for someone willing to do something so lame and unfunny… instead of signing up they likely resort to giving one another wet willies and wedgies for entertainment.