online printing press

I’m looking to get about 5000 post cards made up. Can anyone recommend a good one with, low prices?

j_r0kk just mentioned a couple days ago about one he used called See this thread.

www. … t=gotprint

I did 5,000 postcards (4x6) for $99, Full color, 1 side. Full color 2 sides is around $150

check out GotPrint. com


I got my 10,000 doorhangers in on Wednesday of this week. They look exactly as advertised. I paid for basic shipping and the entire process from the initial order to the date it was delivered took about 9 business days.

The quality of the boxtoppers still blows my mind. It’s 28 lb. high gloss paper with 4 color printing on front, nothing on back. The quality of the artwork is also fantastic, showing consistency from first piece to last piece.