Online Rewards program

Interested in incentivizing more customers to go online. We currently use speedline and in the process of switching our online ordering to their platform Speeddine. Does any one use speedlines loyalty program?

Our “loyalty program” is currently save 10 receipts and get a free large 1 topping pizza free (carry out only) We’ve been doing it for 20 years)

We’d like to eliminate the save the receipts and only give rewards for people who place their orders online

Anyone with any experience doing this? or recommendations on a rewards program?

The program must be able to be integrated with speedline and and for the most part management free

We use speedlines loyalty program. you can set it to earn points based per dollar amount. Its pretty smooth and integrates well but as far as I know there is no way to make it online only and in fact I think you have to manually enroll people (which is just hitting one button at the customer screen) once they are enrolled it will auto track points however without you doing anything.

Hey Pizzanorth, right now the only loyalty program that works with SpeedDine is Punchh. It’s an integration. Our SpeedLine loyalty program only works in-store, whereas Punchh can work just online like you want (or at both).

What is the Punchh charge/location/month?

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Hey Elizabeth, On the Speedline site it says i’d need a minimum of 20 locations for Punchh and I only have 2

Punchh will gladly sign you up with only 2 locations. The only issue is their minimum monthly charge is $4000.

I’ve been doing Online only specials since the beginning of the year. 20% off - 10% off - $5 off $30 or more. The 20% off I did with a direct mail campaign with Mail Shark and started in July. To date we are at a 15% response rate. Our online orders have gone from 33% of sales to 42%, so I am calling it a success.

For you, 2K per location. Plus they have a 10K set up fee.

For a single location, if your goal is to encourage people to order through your site rather than calling in, Pizzapirates is right. Your best bet would be to set up coupons that can only be redeemed online. Support can help you do that.