only 6 more days of work left, and I exit

the change of ownership of my place closes on January 6th, I agreed to a 5-year, 50 mile no-compete clause,
I really hope they do not screw up my pizza.

I am absolutely ecstatic about the sale,. the millennials have driven me to near insanity with their lack of work ethic and not taking responsibility for their actions. I will miss the industry, I will NOT miss being an employer.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah, & crazy Kwanza

Good luck in whatever your future holds,
George Mills

Sorta jealous :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone on this forum, I have learned several things and I hope I was able to share some of my knowledge that others have found useful

I don’t think I’ll be taking much time off, I am starting a small towing company,
winter in Northern WI presents plenty of towing work. My first truck will be a used 21 foot rollback flatbed with a wheel lift, if I can find a deal on a standard wrecker with a boom & strap, I’ll want that right away for being able to get those vehicles way deep in the snow
I am taking my restaurant work truck and adding a special motorcycle recovery lift to that for a dedicated motorcycle hauler.
I also have hopes to get a big rotator wrecker a few years down the road if my future profits allow it.
I have a 7-10 year exit plan for this business, hopefully I can sell it as a thriving business at that time and then finally retire.
I get to start out without hours posted on the door, no employees, and the biggest thing to me is not having any debt to cover for the first year which I expect to be slow for my start-up
No utilities to pay if not operating, no labor costs , not having several thousand dollars in perishable inventory.

I plan to run point of success on a laptop right in my truck with a Star TSP printer connected, and be able to take credit cards out in the field, basically have a mobile office to have billing collected at the scene.
Maybe this’ll give me an excuse to get a new iPad with a data plan…

Good luck!

not having the employee headaches sounds great + low overhead ! Wishing you abundant health and prosperity !!!

Take care man and good luck. your posts were some of the most helpful as I established my own self. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Take some time off and enjoy it before you move on to bigger and better things. Side note: long time lurker, new to posting!

keep posting! this place is more fun when you engage with us!