Open Air Merchandising Coolers

Thinking about investing in one of these to display my salads, desserts (maybe even Take n bake)…just wondering if somebody has any experience.

Seem like they are costly to operate (electric) but I am thinking the in-you-face upsell marketing should offset any expense by a mile

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but I don’t think I have enough foot traffic to keep a good rotation – mostly a delco. I would think if you have the traffic it would do great. Anyone coming in to pick up their pizzas would be hit with some good impulse sales – salads, desserts, bottled drinks, etc.

We have another business with a bakery and self-serve display cases. Its all about presentation and having a “full” product display. Its much more appetizing and appealing to customers to see a big display of a variety of foods. Just putting a couple salads out, hoping they will sell, will not do the trick. Need to use nice paper products as well – i.e. black bowls with clear lids.

Buy a nice looking display case as well. The cheap white ones with wire shelving do not put your products in a good light. I think the ones with black interiors look best.

Just my opinions, of course. Some great deals are to be had on Ebay. Maybe not every day, but if you monitor it, you can find something nice and local.

I bought two at a rock bottom price. Nice looking black units with curved fronts. We plan to integrate them into the front counter like Starbucks and offer grab and go stuff.