Open/Close Labor Day?

What is everyone doing this year? Open/Close Labor day?

What is your usual increase/decrease in sales?

Can we compare it to the 4th of July? This year I opened the 4th of July… it was a bomb… only a couple of tickets all day. But, can you compare the 2 days?

We will be open. It’s the night before the 1st day of school in our area. Last year we did about the same as an average Sunday nignt.

Both locations will be closed! :smiley:


I’m not sure why, but Labor Day and Memorial Day are usually our biggest Mondays of the year. I’ve heard the exact opposite from a lot of owners. So yes, we’ll definitely be open.

Open, This is one of the busiest Mondays of the year for me.

We are open. Depending on the the weather it can be a good day or a not so good day.

closed 4th july set up at local park did killer missed about six calls.

will be closed on labor day set up at park again will be at main entrance this time near the stage three people that were sellin food at the 4th did not sign up again they said when the barn shows up its pointless :twisted:
so the only ones sellin food other than us will be fire dept they specilize lighter fluid special burgers :frowning:

on a side note to the ones that follow my kids and there lemonade stand will get a kick out of this my boy says he branchin out this time he got all the info from rental co. on renting a cotton candy machine we pick it up on sat morning he says that his secret weapon this time (hes 8)

Unless Gustav the hurricane visits the Florida Panhandle, we will have both stores open, with generator in tow.

Oh pan.

We do the same, if not a little more on Labor Day.

Open only for dinner on sunday, open all day Monday. Weekday holidays are usually good, because we don’t get one good rush, just a steady flow all day open to close.

labor day nowhere near same as 4th of july