Open the day AFTER Christmas?

Wanted to know how all of you treat the day after Christmas?

This year it’s on a Tuesday (which is not the “slowest” day of the week for us)… however we’re in a small community, all of the major Dept. Stores and Malls are 20 Min North and South of us.

This being the first year i’m open, I don’t know what to expect.
I was told the day after Thanksgiving is extremely slow by other trusted resturants in the area, so I was shut down. And my thoughts now are that everyone is Returning everything from Christmas so it may be extremely slow again.

What have been your experiences?

Thanks all!

We were greenhorns when we took over our store on the 12th Dec last year and opened on Boxing Day (day after Christmas Day) and got absolutely slammed. No other food outlet in the area was open.

We are in a shopping centre (mall as you call them) on the outside facing the main carpark. At the end of the centre is a six theatre Cinema complex and with the new blockbuster movies starting on Boxing Day there are heaps of people around.

Last year they all wanted to dine in before or after they went to the movies. We only had the limited rubbish furniture from the previous owner and this was used to the limit. We now have double the amount, top quality fit out furniture and draw increasing numbers to dine in.

This year we are expecting to be double slammed especially as the sales trend for the past three weeks is up from an average $8,400 last year to $9,700 this year.

ah, thats what i figured… the mojority of the shops by malls, dept. stores, and large shopping areas WILL be hit good.

However, what about the shops 15-30 min. away from the larger shopping areas? Will they get nothing because everyone is out returning/shopping again?

Thanks again all!

Be ready! Who wants to cook after shopping till they drop! Plus they cooked their little fannies off for the holidays and probably want a break!

Can you get some flyers out quickly advertising a Boxing Day special? Or put a sign in your window!

“Leave the Boxing Day cooking to us!”
“Start a new Boxing Day Pizza tradition!”

Good luck!

I agree, be ready for a good hit! Most people are sick of cooking, and will also be pretty darn tired from hitting the sales! Not to mention that when the ladies hit the sales who stays home and is sick and tired of leftovers already?! Good luck!

ok, ok… i’ll be open :smiley:

thanks guys for the help… and i’ll post back up after it passes and let you know how it was for me.

Its a good day for us as well our sales are about 15% more that day

We are closed that day. you need to realize that yes people dont want to cook after being at the malls all day but remember the malls have food courts so people end up eating there. so if you are close to a mall go a head and open but if you not stay home taking the wrapping paper and trash out and spend times with your kids. thats just my take on that

As for me, I used to look for a pizza place open on Christmas day, Thanksgiving also,
for that reason, I will be open Christmas day and the day after,
it’s my life and I think I am like like others, and sympathize with people like myself,
also I am in Quartzsite, AZ,