OPENED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Health dept. came at around 11am were very suprised and very pleased and gave me the green light!!!
I opened at around 4pm and got slammed(to me at least)Was not even really ready to open as I had no celery cut,no Bleu cheese made up, etc.
Did about $400 in 4 hrs which I had only planned on doing $1K all weekend.Learned a whoooollllleeeeee bunch tonight though and tom. should be better as I’m more preparred now but still not 100% but everyone was having so much fun(customers included) that no one even minded the little wait.Will post more soon, as I have to get up in about 6hrs and do it all over again.

Welcome to the club. I’m really glad tyo hear you got the green light and then clobbered. My night was slow, so I am happy yours was more than you expected.

I mean . . .Friday . . . .pizza . . .expect tons of people :slight_smile:

yeah good luck follow pmq s ideas ull be making $ quicker than me…!!! :smiley:


Good luck…RCS…

Congrats on the good opening !

Good luck and keep us posted.


Congratulations on opening night. I’m sure you’ll find your “PMQ time” will suffer a little. Don’t worry about posting as much as usual, but I’d recommend you still come in from time to time. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything you might find important. Good luck. -J_r0kk

I am so jelous-----been open two years and have problems doing that much—fri nite in my hood everyone eats fried chicken

So do like me and join them start selling fried chicken sold 2 cases yesterday!!! Fried, BBQ, & hot… :smiley:

Good luck man…
take care of this first time customer, make them feel good, talk to them, thank them for coming to see u, and for their business. Ask them to come again. you will see them in a couple of days again just by becoming there friend.