Opening a new pizza shop in a location with no vents...

I need advice please…I am planning to open a new shop, offering dine-in, take out, and delivery. It is a 1500’sq. building in an excellent location. Only problem is, this location has never been a restaurant before, therefor there are no vents. I will be using a full size conveyor oven and deep fryers. I REALLY hope I can make this location work…
How difficult will it be to get these vented properly?
Should I forget about this location, even though it is the best location available at this time?

Thanks so much for any advice!

Probably forget it unless the Landlord wants this to be a restaurant location and is willing to pay for the upgrades. I can not see putting that kind of money into a location where the expense is going to stay attached to the building.

You can operate with some smaller electric convection ovens without a hood in some locations but not with gas ovens and not with fryers.

Installing the hoods etc costs big bucks.

I have installed a complete hood system in everyshop ive had
even if you buy new fans ans ducting you can do it for 3k

To get a hood professionally installed can easily run 10k plus the cost of the hood and fans. In some instances, just the roof penetration can run nearly that much. If the landlord has a 500k roof and requires you to use the original roof installer to maintain their roof warranty, you can bet it won’t be cheap.

It blows my mind what people pay to have hoods installed. There so simple

I have my contractors license, so the landlords have always let me cut the hole and roof it myself

On my latest project we cut the holes and installed the curbs and did the ducting and hung the hood in 2 days

I had a dry heat hood installed a long time ago…but we never pulled permits…

I knew the risk, but was just unwilling to pay the inflated prices…

You really should pull those permits, but it shouldn’t be $10K…

You can prob. get away w/good used equipment, but that may be a risk as well…

I’ve generally been more successful in finding a closed restaurant & reopening it…

I recently purchased a 7’ hood with fans to put in a bigger fryer (we have an autofry vented fryer). It cost $3000 but when I got quotes for installing it from 4 companies I gave up and decided to keep the autofry because it was $10000 to install the hood!! The work required by the codes in my area is substantual.

Thank You all so much for the advice and information! I have decided that if the landlord will not pay for the work to be done on her building, I will look for a different location.

Proper ventilation is addressed by us for our clients on a daily bases.
It is an intrinsic cost of opening a pizza shop.

Trying to find a location with existing ventilation is extremely difficult and adapting someone else’s design to your concept is often more costly than starting from scratch.

Trying to do a shop with vent less units is not practical. Enough units to produce sufficient product present the problem of dissipating the heat generated.

George Mills

We have done the same before but in many municipalities, they will require stamped architect and engineer plans…2-3k.
If a contractor has 3 men on the job for two days X 75/per hour, you are looking at another 3600. If you are required to have an ansul system, you are probably adding another 2-4k. Add in 1000 for a used hood and fans or 4-6k for a new one, possibly using a licensed roofer for the two curb cuts, and the cost can sky rocket in a hurry.
And then they tell us we need a 1000 gallon grease trap and ADA bathrooms, and we know we need at least 10 tons of ac, and the cost to build out a new store can get very expensive in a hurry. By having a contractors license, you a huge advantage in building out a store.

“And then they tell us we need a 1000 gallon grease trap and ADA bathrooms, and we know we need at least 10 tons of ac”

Exactly where I was going to go next… If the location has never been a restaurant it will need several other mechanical upgrades in addition to the hood/ventilation. Many locations that have only ever been office or retail also will need electrical up-grades. All in all, in most cases if you are converting the use (also need to look at local zoning/parking for that) it will be less expensive to go into space that has been a restaurant before or work with a LL that is willing to pay some of these costs.

Plumbing and Gas too. There may be a mop sink already, but how about a 3 hole sink? hand sinks? where does the gas line run? do you have enough hot water capacity?

We were conservatively looking at $180k to build out a space which had been a video store. The mop sink and restrooms were there, that was it. Fortunately, the landlord didn’t want to talk about any breaks or other help to us, so goodbye. We ended up finding a closed restaurant, but still had to change the hood, move the mop sink, add/redo plumbing, add a lot of electrical.

Funny you mention video store. My new store was a video store before i converted it

it had nothing but 2 bathrooms.

I had to do

hood, electrical, plumbing, grease trap, walls etc

cost me right at 80k