Opening a new pizza store - plz check the plan

Hello, everyone!
My name’s Yemelyan Ananyin (or Emile) and I am an advance man for Dodo Pizza chain in its project of opening a store in Oxford, MS. We come from Russia and you should check the video if want to know more (
There’s a link to FB page in my profile and you’re welcome to follow Oxford news (especially if you are from around here).
We get help on the project from PMQ Pizza magazine and they recommended this resource to share information and receive valuable advice.
So, we would like to get some feedback on a summary plan for opening our first pizza store in the US. We have an experience of opening the stores in Russia, but maybe we missed something important when customizing the plan for the US.
Thanks in advance!

Nice business plan. Well thought out. The founder is one smart guy. You might need to tweek that recipe in the US. Dishing out pies that look like that here will not go over well. It may just be your supply chain in Russia. You will probably find much higher quality products here. The information system is good and I’m sure you kick butt in Russia with it but its not all that different than what we all use here. Great tool for selling to investors though.

[SIZE=14px]We have done the store layout plans and equipped thousands of pizza shops nation wide.
I would like an opportunity to work with you on your project.

George Mills[/SIZE]

Thanks, George.
I am just translating the equipment list and I will be happy to forward it to you once I am done so that you could give me a bid and options for equipment.

Thanks for your feedback. We do have problems with quality toppings in Russia and we will work on the recipes here in the States also asking about the tastes of Oxford residents :wink: