Opening day....holy cr@*

Hello ALL,

First off, sorry if my title of this post offended anyone, but after 5 months of construction and loads of money, I was finally able to open my doors today. It’s after midnight and Im tired, but I felt obligated to tell you all that my first day was a pretty big success in my book.

I did not do any advertising or deliveries…the only advertising I did was have my sister send a text message to her friends…and yes she has ALOT of friends (she’s a hair dresser :-). Anyways, i got hit pretty good at lunch, but when 5:00 came around I had to bend over and kiss my arse good bye…I have seating for 70-80…we were packed from 6 to 830…Sold somehwere around 90 pizzas plus a few sandwiches, spaghetti, meatballs, etc…

We had a few mess ups, (about 3-4), but for the amount of people we were serving, we did pretty good. I was prepared with plenty of help, although my POS system and credit card machine were down…Yes I know, I have to get them up and running ASAP…

Anyways all said and done, somwhere around 2k gross…I think it was a pretty good day. Thanks to all of you for all your help and advice.

Not such a Rookie Pizza Guy anymore…hahahaha

Wow, that is fantastic. Busy center with lots of foot traffic?

Congrats “Rookie-no-more”! Getting the door unlocked for that first shift must have felt remarkable! Here’s to many many more days where you can lock it up feeling just as good!!!

Good for you! Enjoy the ride.


Always glad to hear about a successful opening! Congrats! Keep it up.

Congratulations rookiepizzaguy!

trust me 3-4 mistakes on a 2000.00 day is great (opening days are known for mistakes and getting out with just a few is awesome!)

Great job. In time that day will come to mind and you will think Why did it seem so busy? It all gets easier as you get comfortable with the volume.

Nice. I hope to have a re-opening day without delivery soon too and I hope it goes as well. Can I ask what your oven setup is? I think 90-100 pies a day is around where I’ll be (hopefully).

Best wishes and continued success