Opening List

Does anyone know where I can get a list to help in opening a pizza place starting with “I think I want to open my own place.” Something that will give me the steps I need to take. Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you are not too sure.

If its in your blood it is. If its not it’s not.

Hard to explain.

If you do jump in, have plenty of cash ans be prepared to work your a** off!

click the link above… PMQ THink Tank FAQ list… everything is there to help.

I think what you’re referring to is the STICKY for FAQ ni the 'Tank. The link is at the topics page or

The most basic questions are:

  1. How much money do you have and where will you get it from?

  2. How long can you support yourself and your family with no income?

  3. What makes you think your pizza is better and more of a “value” than the other places in your area? Note: Value does not mean cheapest. Value means that your pizza has something that makes it worth what you’re charging in relation to the rest of the market.

If you are working at Papa John’s and think you know it all and can run your own spot and want to duplicate everything they do and charge what they do while being across the street from them, you’re doomed to failure. They do what they do better than anyone else does what PJ’s does. A copy only works when there’s no competition around.

I cannot suggest emphatically enough that you learn about and write a detailed business plan out on paper. It will help you with business decisions later, with bank financing, and with identifying strengths and weaknesses with your plan, finances, marketplace, skill level, etc.

Being that I am just finishing construction and scheduled to open next week I can give you a couple of words of advice…


I have worked in pizza places for years and just decided to go on my own…I never could imagine what building a store entails…first things first, when buying an existing business don’t believe what the seller tells you. Sit in that store day in and day out from monday morning to saturday night and you will get a glimps of their customer base…

People can tell you they gross 1,000,000 but if they arent correctly running their business that means nothing…It comes down to NET and with a solid customer base high gross can become high net if you play your cards right.

Don’t under estimate departments in your town. You will even have to get your sign approved. Plumbing, ventilation, electrical, and ac/refridgeration is very controlled with licenses and permits.


NEVER PAY ANY ONE ANYTHING UP FRONT…these people disapear for days maybe weeks and when you pay them anything up front they know that they dont have to make you happy to get their money(most of the things you will be doing will be cheap its the labor that kills you)

MAKE SURE YOU PUT ALL OF YOUR CONTRACTORS ON DEADLINES WITH CONTRACTS…establish what work will be done, how much it costs and what materials are used. Give them a day when they must be finished by and feel free to throw these people out when they start messing around…there is plenty of people willing to make money off you.

GET AT LEAST 2 FREE MONTHS OF RENT…If your taking over and empty space make sure you realize that the longer it takes to get someone in there the longer the landlord goes without getting paid. Most landlords will give you buildout time, this is very important. Everyday you are not open you are losing money.

SHOP AROUND FOR YOUR EQUIPTMENT…restaurant equiptment used or new is very expensive through local dealers…your best bet is to search craigslist and ebay daily, that is where you really can save some money

Somewhere on PMQ there is a buildout construction list, everything on that list is someone or something you will need.

I hope that these words can help you with your store. I am not trying to turn you away(the pizza business can be highly profitable) but think about what your doing and don’t just jump right in…I have found that this is the hardest 2 months of my life.