Opening second store

In the next town over from my store there was a little sub shop that just closed a few days ago. They have sold the equipment and left only the hood. What I’m wondering is if I were to say buy the business off the previous owner for the cost of the hood. Put the store into my business’s name. Would I stil have Togo through with all the inspection and waiting for approvals??

Each city/town is probably different but when we moved in we had an existing hood and did not have to get a mechanical permit as it was existing. We only needed a permit for the plumbing which was silly because all we did was hook up our 3 compartment sink to where their old 3 compartment sink was. But they wanted their money, so they got it.


As pizzanow stated, each city and town is different. I know for my county if anything large changes (plumbing, electrical, ovens, walk-in, etc) they need new plans submitted and you have to go through a license review (in your scenario here it would be new owner, with remodel).

So unless someone knows the specific laws in your area, it will be just a best guess. Only way to know for sure is to contact local officials and government that holds over your county.

I must be confused… why would you “buy” anything from the defunct and gone business?

Talk to the landlord about a new lease. The hood comes with the property.

Where we are, there is no need to get permits to install equipment (as long as there is no new wiring or plumbing be done and you are just connecting to already existing connections) or for doing “repairs”.

On the other hand, any work that would require a permit requires it whether the location is changing hands or not.

In short, I see no advantage to “buying” the business… only expense for something that should not cost you anything at all.

I have no way of knowing if they are leaving the hood or not. I offered them $2000. I think that is fair. Going to take a day or two to think about why on earth I’d want two stores

Best to take some time reading through the archives here…There are some good and bad stories about opening a 2nd store…It will help give you a clearer idea of whether or not you want to try and if so, the pitfalls to watch out for…

You do not indicate where you are located But most jurisdictions require an occupancy permit.

Usually you will have to submit detailed plans to the Building Department, Health department and the Fire Marshall.

George Mills