Opening soon any Advice

Im opeing up very soon. Health department is coming in wedsday for inspection… Any advice for what is the best day to open, I was thinking next wedsday… What about advertising, I ordered 1000 door hangers for the houses around my location, have a add in the local penny saver and am thinking of doing a bulk menu drop in the pennysaver also… Any advice would be appreciated…

no advice but good luck to you…what kind of an oven did you go with…

Do a soft opening without any advertising or very little so you dont get slammed on opening day. Its easier to have a few slow days first to work out the bugs and to tweak things. You will be surprised at how the word of your opening will spread and then once you have things running the way you want do the mail drop.

sound advice…work the wrinkles out before the big show…

Look, here’s the deal. Open on a weekday, Mon - Wed. Give yourself some time before your first weekend. There’s a pretty good chance that when you open the doors, nobody will come in. That’s okay. It’s frustrating as he*$, but okay. You’re operation probably isn’t going to be amazing at first anyway, so give yourself some time to get better. Work on training, training, training. Work out kinks in the operation, etc. Then door hang. The worst thing you could do is advertise before you’re ready. All that you’ll do is ruin it for the people you advertised to.

The worst thing I did when we opened our first store, was get ansy and nervous about it being slow, and try to advertise. What I learned is that by doing things correctly, we picked up without advertising. And the people that came in the beginning, didn’t come back much because we didn’t give them a great experience.

I ended up going with a blodgett 961 double deck oven… Im gonna cook the pizza on screens. And im gonna hand toss the dough… NY Style Pizza. Im gonna get my first food delivery friday. and probably open next week tuesday or wedsday… Im really nervous but really anxious. I orderd up 2500 door hangers but wont send the out for a few weeks… Im gonna send some free pizzas out to some local business’s with out menus… My location is a really good location and its in a small suburban setting so Im thinking it will take off fast… Well Im hoping… Thnks for your comments…

My first day I turned on the open sign Tuesday at 4:00 and did $285 in sales by 10:00. Second day was $550 and I thought things were out of control and when Friday hit $900 I was in panic mode. This is all with no advertising at all.

Definately go for a soft opening and hope for the best. Now if I only do $900 with half the staff I opened with I check the phones to see if they are still working :slight_smile:

We never ended up having a grand opening…we decided wed oct 3 2007 was the day, opened the doors and did 800 the first day. Just liek daddio said things were totally out of control. Take time to work out your recipes and procedures…make sure everyone is on the same page. This can take months. Stay positive keep the food good service good and the place clean…everything else follows…oh yeah and by the way. Kiss your personal life goodbye :slight_smile:

My first week was almost EXACT to Daddio’s. I’ll never forget that first Friday - we did $926 dollars and hadn’t done one lick of advertising. I kept thinking “Where the he*l are all of these freaking people coming from?” It was a total mess and I had to give away all kinds of free food. Pizzas were wrong and I think we had a 1 hour wait for a while.

Now $900 is a pretty average hour during a Friday rush, and it’s handled with ease :slight_smile:

I think the moral of the story is to hold off on the advertising until you have things dialed in. I’m sure I alienated a whole bunch of people during those first couple weeks when were were constantly in the weeds.

Also have a private opening for friends, family and invited guests. Let them know their food will be free in exchange for being your guinea pigs. When you invite them, be sure to stagger their invite times. I didn’t do that in my private open, and sure enough everybody and their brother (sometimes literally) showed up promptly at 5:00pm.

My last piece of advice is to overload your inventory. I made my first order way too short and we ran out of all kinds of stuff on our first Saturday. Trust me, it’s extremely embarrassing to run out of pepperoni. It will be really embarrassing if you run out of cheese.

Thank you guys, I decided Tuesday is going to be the day, we are going to make some dishs on saturday test things out and open the doors Tuesday… My order is coming tommorow, Im just gonna wait till Tuesday to Pick my wings up, Im about 5 miles from my supplier so Im not to worried if we run low… Someone can make a run… Im excited but nervous… Will post how I do If I have time… Thanks Guys…

Things are going well did 200 on tues 400 on weds 700 on thurs 800 on friday 1000 lastnight… Its crazy… you are all right lots of hours… Im glad I did not advertise.