Operating tips for the Woodstone Fire Deck 965

Hey there I’m a pizza smith at a commercial pizza company and I’m wondering if anyone has any tips for operating the Woodstone Fire Deck 9660. I’m aware that consistency is important but I’m finding that my oven overheats throughout the day causing the bottom of my pizzas to become burnt before I have a chance to bring the edges to a nice golden brown. I recently found out that to keep this oven at any given desired temperature the oven needs to have a proper holding flame and in addition to that there is also a flame height that should be used when actually cooking a pizza. Im experimenting with what exactly those flame heights are but I’ve run into some issues that I can’t seem to solve. I have been told that only one side of the oven should be on at any given time unless both sides are needed to cook multiple pizzas however the Woodstone training video suggests that both sides of the oven need to be operated in order to keep the oven within 30 degrees of its set temperature. Secondly I am having trouble deciding when I should switch sides throughout the day to prevent one side from getting too hot, this becomes extremely troublesome because the oven falls below its set point which turns on the hearth causing the bottom of the oven to heat up on both sides so if I switch because one side is too hot the other side of the oven is not too far behind. Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide me with some answers.