After reading about this on here for years, I finally got one of these yesterday. Guy wants to order $1,500 worth of pizzas yada, yada, yada…We have a couple customers that actually use operater assisted calls to order but right away you know this is the scam type because it takes extraordinary long (thankfully it was 3PM) so I end up talking to the operator the whole time about how this is a scam.

Told the guy that we only accept orders of this type in person or online (which must be prepaid by CC)…hung up immediately

to think if these idiots just spent that time working a regular job

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I just had the same call. Looking to order 100 14" pizzas for his sons birthday party. Wanted to pay by credit card now and have the pizzas picked up by his private “shippers” on the 20th. I didn’t get far enough to have them ask if they could pay extra for me to give to their “shippers” but I’m sure thats where it was going. I should have went ahead and taken the whole order and waited on the 20th to teach his “shippers” a lesson.

I’ve been hoping to get that call again so I can do this. Police Dept. is only 1/2 a block away.

Calling the police would take all of the fun out of it!!!

Every time they call us they will only order 125 cheese pizzas. We do large orders all the time but never all cheese!

Don’t you still stand to lose out anyway? The CC# is likely stolen and you would be out all of the food cost and labor.

Don’t worry, the pizzas would not be made and the cc would not be run. However, the lesson would be priceless!!!

I got the same call from these clowns yesterday(Tuesday) as well.

The operator said the guy was looking for catering salads to feed 200 people for his mothers birthday party. It sounded weird but I got him a price. The operator said speaking for this guy, “The price sounds good. I will have my private shipping company pick it up on the 19th of this month at 3pm. I would also like to add an additional $950 to the total for you to give the shipping company.”

That’s when I hung up.

I wonder how many other people that went to the Expo got the same call.

We had that call one time a couple of months ago and we had a couple of real orders going on so I could not play with them. I think we should upsell them and act all excited about getting such a huge order, offer them the whole store man, free stix, free 2 liters whatever they want. Agree to everything and then tell them the CC comes up stolen. If they offer another card, that one comes up denied too. Tell them every card # they have is bad, then they will be mad at whoever they paid for the card #.

i like that idea rick gonna try that next time i hve gotten the call twice b4