Opinion needed?


I have a special for dine in and take out which is 2 sl 1 topp and a drink for $4. now i have customers come in eat the 2 slices free refiels and then they want a to go cup!! so few months ago we stopped that we charge $1 for to go cup. And again i could beat up some customers the come in and when we tell them its a $1 for to go cup they go “WHYYYYYYYYYYY” ina rude way…

Dude its only 4 buxxx with tax included for two big slices and free refiels and then you want a to go cup for free… its just not fair

what do you guys think…

You could always bump the price up to $5.00 for the two slices and just give them a to go cup straight away - sometimes taking away the option and just giving it to them is good…

yeah i thought about that

You’d be in line with others with that lunch special pricing…

yeah we have really good prices… and we thought about moving it up for next year

CiCi’s has those tiny glasses for in-store, but for like $.50 more, you can get a 32 ounce to-go cup to use instead. Just a thought…

I hate when I go someplace and order water with my meal and get what I call "The Humiliation Cup". This 4 oz Dixie-sized cup is often clear because only thieves want water and they want to make sure you don't steal soda. :roll:

Hell, just charge me your cost for a regular cup. Don’t crap on me.

So to your dilemma. There is no explaining costs to customers. Cover the costs within simple pricing. I know this means the people who aren’t cheap bastards are subsidizing the ones that are.

When you market as “low cost” you have more of these issues as the mindset of many of these folks is to see how much they can get for their dollar… whether or not they really want it. If they don’t get the To Go drink as well, they feel like they “wasted” some of their money. It’s a psychological thing.

I’d change the special - “Two big slices, only $3.99”.
Then charge for a beverage.
It FEELS like the same special, but you actually make money.

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o sorry i just saw that i dindt even know… this is because i canceled with some people that were chraing me $79 a month for my website… so we stopped witht hem… i didnt even know they did this i will call them thanx

Ouch…They will probably Zing you to get it back…You might have to grab another and re-build…Good luck…

Wow, that’s a dirt cheap price.

People are more “advantageous” than they used to be. They’re always trying to get as much as they can out of as little as they can or “cheat the system” some way or another. Of course, this is a HUGE generalization, but it just seems to be the trend I can see in food service…well, in any “service” type of business.

I see that at PJ all the time with our $20.99 3 medium, unlimited topping special we have going right now. Some people literally order every topping (other than anchovies…and sometimes even WITH anchovies) on our make table!!!

My thoughts would be to keep your price the same, but order smaller “to go” cups that are to be used only during your lunch service…people aren’t getting charged more, refills are still free…but they should still use less soda than what they are now…and if they balk at the smaller size, you can take the stand of “we use to go cups with every lunch meal so our guests can easily be back on the go after they leave and not have to wait for their server to bring a cup”.

If you take that stand, then that may diffuse the situation, as well as reduce your soda costs.

Just my .02