Opinion Poll regarding my posts

No one is being required to set a poll, but I will gladly set the precedent. I have received feedback in the past that some of my posts have been excessive, so I will run a poll here. Glad to take the first hit of public opinion, eh?


you’re one of the most helpful and most respected contributors on this site - what more can be said?


I agree

Nick old buddy don’t stop posting or shortening your posts.

What else would an insomniac have to do. :slight_smile:

But then again after reading some of you long winded posts it just about gets me off to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

Viva Nick and his magic keyboard.


The poll left off the last option: You talk too much; let some other people have a chance.

Dave, I love you too. I gotta get down to your place before you die.

Do you know something I don’t ??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I remember Novice :slight_smile:Nick since Day 1 :slight_smile:

He is giving it all back now.

Thanks Nick.

PS . When you gunna open up for Lunch and work a real long shift like the rest of us? :slight_smile:

I long for the day we can open lunch every day!! I’m living off half a day’s sales my way. Sure the bell peppers are always greener in someone else’s prep table. . . but I’d love to try it.

You always have well thought out posts. No problem here. Thanks Nick.

Insert sunshine here --------> ( l ).

Or in Nicks case… here==========> size=7
We love you man. Keep doing what you do.

Keep up the good work Nick…

Nick…if you don’t reply no one will reply to my, sometimes, ridiculous questions. If you always do what you have always done we will all be happy…okay most of us. :wink:


Take it from someone who does get accused of talking too much, you’re cool in my book! You and Daddio always have something worth reading. Keep up the good work. Now, why can’t I find that poll on the Gregster?

Tom R

Nick - you have certainly been there for me…Thanks!

Still hanging in there by the grace of God