Opinions of Take and Bakes??

I need people’s advice on opening a Take and Bake place. My intention is to offer healthy and organic styles of pizzas. For one what is everyone’s opinion of Take and Bakes? One reason I am doing is because of start up costs. The big savings would be in the venting system and build out costs. In addition I have the following questions:

  1. Homemade vs Canned sauce? If canned, what brands are tops?
  2. Are there any websites such as this dedicated to take and bakes?
  3. If I make homemade sauce is there any equipment that does not need to be vented that I could use?

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

I guess it depends on your market, but it would never make it by me (Northeast)…maybe as additional sales in a full service place but that’s it…I guess it’s big out West though

Research your area to determine if there is demand for take n’ bake.
But regarding prep - pizza sauce is typically made by blending your own mix of spices and tomato products (puree, sauce, ground) - COLD. No oven or ventilation necessary.

Drop me an email and I can tell you about my take and bake operation. I have been open over 3 years and counting :smiley: … My email address is swlamb@yahoo.com.