Opinions on a dough mixer with photo.

Hey everyone,
I was hoping you guys could take a look at this mixer and tell me what a good price for it is. Its a hobart mixer. Here is the photo of mixer the owner says its in great shape it also comes With several attachments 2 bowls. 80qt and 140 qt Stainless steel adapter dough hooks And paddles and dollies for bowls.

What should I be looking for when inspecting a used mixer?

He’s asking $6000 for it. Good price? Too much? Would I regret having a mixer this large? Any advice appreciated


I sold my Hobart V-1401 for $3150 a few months ago. Mine was an older model with push switches as opposed to rocker switches. I had only a 140qt bowl, dough hook and bowl dolly. I watch for these on ebay and see them sell for 3000 to 6500 and listed up to 10K. For 6000 I would expect one with a bowl guard. As far as regretting the size, this machine will mix a single 50LB bag of flour just fine. If thats as small as you plan to mix you will be fine. It will also easily mix two 50LB bags at once which is what we mostly did. The biggest problem I had with using a 1401 was pulling the dough from the bowl. It’s too heavy for one person to lift onto the table to empty the dough and cutting the dough out piece by piece is quite a workout. The spiral mixer I now use is far easier to pull the dough from than the 1401 was.

That’s most likely the size you want to go for. Seems a little expensive to me, I see several on craigslist close to me for half that price.

Hobarts are beasts and going to last forever. Mine is at least 20 years old and still going strong.

Hi Freddy:

You can ascertain little from looking at the outside of a mixer.

The unit should be opened up and the gears inspected.

A competent service company can do that but it will cost you some bucks.

George Mills

I cant comment on the price but we use this very machine and it works great. In fact when we purchased it (used) we were told that it would last longer doing batches with 50 lb of flour because you are not forcing the machine. In 15 years i dont think we had the repair man out even once. This is a high volume store so we mix many batches a day. Hope that helps.