Opinions On Menu Design

I’m having Taradel do some menus for me and I’d like some feedback from all of you.

#1 - The menu look that Pyramid has been using for the last 15 years, but cleaned up a little and some color added.

#2 - A traditional looking pizzeria menu, not necessarily this template though.

#3 - A more trendy, edgier look. This would be the front of a tri folded menu and I would probably use a nice picture of our downtown area (which is where our building is) instead of the skyline it has now. The inside would be similar, with some splashes of color mixed in.

#4 - The same as #3 but in black and white.

The only one I could open was #1 didn’t like it so much… reminds of little cesars. You gotta find one that portrays YOUR image. Which one do you look at and say man…that is it!?

When we did ours they sent us a sample pack…it was easy to weed through the ones we didn’t like and it left a couple we did… using those we picked what we liked about each and combined into one. It was amazing how they captured the essence of our place.

What was nice about the sample pack was we could touch and feel the samples and see them.

And on another note…as much as I love taradel make sure YOU triple double check and proof read ever single proof they send you. I had a couple of employees go through and mark, I marked and hubby marked the typo, spacing, pricing errors…and also found out just cuz proof #1 was spaced correctly on one item it could be wrong on the next.
Just really double check…I have a bit of OCD so when I see an extra space or typo on a menu it drives me looney. This was the only area I thought they could improve. But as you know I am a fan of Taradel, love the service and the menu they produced for us.

If you can get those links fixed let us know.