Opinions on POS system ULTIMA TOUCH 1800

Opinions? Would this work well for a pizza place? I have a opportunity to buy a couple very cheaply.


Those are just computers - not a POS system - they do not contain any POS software.

As a computer, sure, they would be fine to run some POS software. However, the specs on them are pretty bad relative to current hardware.

Absolutely horrible!!

You can buy POS software and 3 complete ‘new’ systems for the price of 1 of their ‘complete’ systems. Their complete system will struggle just to run Windows XP.

They are very expensive slow computers. Do yourself a favor shop for the software first. Pizza is the most complicated category for POS software to handle. Everyone has different requirements and must have features. You might find that the features important to you are may or may not be offered by a vendor that allows you to purchase your own hardware. Look around there are some good buyers guides that say hey if your in the market for a POS for your pizza store these features etc…are things that are important to consider.

Thank you for the advice.

I’ll be the 1st of MANY Point of Success uzers 2 recommend the best, most cost effective, custom system available…you can’t go wrong with a few Dell PC’s & the software…git 'er done 4 way less than 2 grand…(price depends on the cost of used PC’s & printers…)


I don’t really see how you can claim to get 4 systems for

git 'er done 4 way less than 2 grand
. Looking at the website, current sales price for PointofSuccess is $499 plus an additional $200 for every other workstation. Four workstations would be $1099. I build PCs, so depending on what you use you can beat the price of a DELL, but you’re going to struggle getting 4 printers, touchscreens, PCs, card readers and cash drawers for less than $1000. So please tell me how you’re going to git 'er done 4 way less than 2 grand???

Another POS, just as good, is only $99.99 per license --------> FREEPOS by Positive Feedback Software. For your 4 workstation system thats $399.96 compared to $1099, already a savings of $699.04 before any hardware purchases.

Just curious, saving $700 on just the software is what led me not to try PointofSuccess.

I’m sure FreePOS is just fine…I used a similar one several years before, that was a pay-one-price - all stations free, but prefer P.O.S. these days, as it better suits my needs, with on-line ordering etc.

I can buy a decent Dell for $50 and a touch-screen for $100 or so…I splurged on the server & spent $125…

Plus I got a deal on extra licenses…so I figure I’ve got about $2k in my 5-station set-up…

I would say try all the free demo’s & see which one suits your needs…I needed on-line ordering & now prefer on-line c/c processing

I would NEVER go back 2 Diamond/Fire/Whatever again…

I think there is a good installed base of P.O.S. users on this board as well…

That’s all I’m saying…