opinions please..

I am ready to expand to a bigger, better oven, also adding dine in. I was just wandering what everyone else’s ovens are and why. cost, quality,quantity? I would like everyone’s opinion if possible. thanks :idea:

Please tell us something about your store concept and the type(s) of pizza that you make. Too many of us look at an oven only as a means to bake our pizzas, and they generally do this quite well, but there is a lot more to making a decision as to what kind of oven we should consider. For example, Your name is Mr. Puck, how about an air impingement oven? I don’t think it wil fit with your concept of Spago’s. Regarding your pizzas, if you take great pride in making veggie pizzas with loads of toppings, more than anyone else in town, that air impingement oven just might be in your future because the intense airflow will help to keep your pizzas as dfry as possible, where as a deck oven might contribute to wet, soggy, swampy pizzas due to the laco of airflow to the top of the pizzas during baking. You can see the picture I’m painting here. If you’re looking for raw speed and a decent pizza it will be hard to beat one of the new, high efficiency air impingement ovens such as the Lincoln FastBake, PESI PS 3240, or the Middleby-Marshall WOW.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We currently use lincoln impingers, we make our on dough, our pizza is really good and i want ot keep it that way or better not worse because it might be faster. just tryin to make a better pizza but also tryin to cook more than 20 per hour with current setup. thanks for all help…

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paul7979 If you are looking at new, I VERY strongly reccomend checking out the XLT’s. I have a new 3270 that cooks better than any Middleby or Lincoln that I have ever used.
George Mills