Opportunity Knocks...help

We opened a new location last Dec. trying to increase sales.

One of our employees mom is really tight up at the high school and is in charge of concessions at the game and all kinds of fundraisers. We are going to be selling slices at the games and participate in the fundraiser program they have.

We were approached by a her and she asked if we would stay open late on nights the high school had football games. We said absolutely. She said we can put flyers on the cars at the school…so the question is what should we put on the flyer?

Should we have a really good special or just say we are open late?

I was thinking of a coupon where they needed the flyer so we wouldn’t litter the parking lot.

The catch is…this Friday is the first game so I need to act fast…Any ideas?



Plenty of things you could do.

For a car flyer you could have coupons just for that game alone…

So somthing like-

Good for friday and saturday only-

Bring in this flyer on game day (and list both teams playing) or saturday for a … pizza.

Or even better and greater draw-

When WE WIN, bring in ticket stubs for 3 dollars off or a free half order of bread sticks.

I would probably even take it to a higher level like this-

Personalized high school team cups and offer a discount on game nights, or free refill with pizza purchase after the game, and reduced pricing all the time.

Or you could even tell the coach that if the team wants to come over you will give them a sweet deal on a large order…but only for teams and family.

You could really do quite a bit, even offer to donate a percentage to the team on game nights after the game…

I would go all out and make it a BIG deal…you establish a game night tradition and include all teams, girls and boys and all sports, and make the deals worthwhile, it could really add to your bottom line and build a good customer base.


In my experience over the years, I’ve noticed that sales after the football games are minimal… at best, no matter what kind of marketing you do. Be thankful that you get anything at all.

However, another route you might consider is selling pizzas INSIDE the stadium while games are going on. Your chances of selling large quantities of pizzas are greater during the game rather than after. Of course, some markets do fine after football games. In the markets I’ve been in though… nada. Just a thought. Hope it helps.


We have a 10,400 seat High School football stadium right behind our store. It was one of the reason we picked the location. The video store next to us told us of how all the surrounding streets and parking lots are packed with cars on gameday.

We thought it was going to be a great opportunity for us too. We advertised with a full page ad in the programs, put coupons on all the cars, had signs out directing traffic to our store and got very little response.

This year however, we will be INSIDE the stadium selling slices splitting the profits with the boosters. In my opinion, besides inside sales, the only other that might work is advertising a ‘tailgate’ special for pre-game. Cause once the game is over everyone high-tails it out of there like the place is on fire.