Opportunity Presented to Us -- Concert Venue Pizza

I was just offered an opportunity to open a pizza stand at a large outdoor concert venue…does anyone here do this…or have done this?

Looking for feedback.


How many shows do they do there?

10 - 14

Is that in a day? Month? Year?

I’m guessing a year. Most places like this have a “season” and they are just open during 4 or 5 months during the late spring, summer and early fall.

Over the summer months…May – September

we did it last year…about 14 concerts which rained out about 5. Took a lot of planning but response was good

ooookkkkkkk…and anymore details would be helpful.

Mandy, give us more details about the venue.

Older crowd? Younger?
Will you be cooking on site?
How many people per event?

What kind of equipment do you have available?

Hi Mandy:

I would suggest you contact the local Health Department and Fire Marshal to see what there requirements will be. They will have many requirements.

We supplied 30 large conveyor ovens to the pizza concessioner at the 2nd Woodstock festival and sub-contract the same for the third one. Very expensive for the concessioner but they sold many thousands of pizzas.

When you have the Health and Fire Departments requirements requirements we will be happy to do an equioment layout for you,No Charge.

You can contact me at pizzaovens@aol.com

George Mills