Order Guide Template

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone help me out . I am trying to find a template that I can use for my weekly orders to the suppliers . Any ideas would be great.


build a spreadsheet in MS Xcell - make the boxes small enough to write in, but so you can see several weeks past orders…

if you use QuickBooks, you can export your “list”

I can send you a generic one, but you’ll need 2 update it to your store needs

Ask your supplier for one. All the suppliers I have ever dealt with has an order guide for each of their customers.

I have the perfect order guide/inventory form for you. It has columns for item name, how the units are measured (ex. cases, lbs, jars, etc.), supplier’s price, how many are in your unit of measurement (ex. 3jars, 1 bag, etc.), par level (lowest amount of the product left on your shelf before you need to reorder it), and then it’s got columns for every day of the month. The columns with the date are subdivided into three columns for daily inventory. The three columns consist of beginning inventory at the beginning of the day, an end of the day inventory, and a column for how many need to be purchased. If you’re interested give me your email address and I’ll send you it. It’s set up in a spreadsheet type format. I also have a sample one with instructions to go with it.

we use excel if you need help contact me ill help you get going