Order Inn experience?

Does anyone have any experience with the company “Order Inn”? They are considering my shop for a hotel room service exclusive contract, seems like there is a lot of upside but the contract also has a lot of liability. If anyone has any experience dealing with them can you provide some insight?


They called us a few weeks ago. I don’t like that they charge your customer extra service fees on top of whatever delivery fees you might already have in place, but it’s how they make money rather than charge you a percentage of your sales. Either way, you still have to take the order over the phone from their order takers so it’s not like they’re doing some of the work for you. The only real benefit is they put your menu in all the hotel rooms, but the extra revenue that might be gained just doesn’t seem worth the headache of dealing with a 3rd party. Maybe in some markets, but not in ours.

They don’t put your menu in any hotel rooms. They put “their” menu in hotel rooms. You aren’t branded or anything. The customer has no idea what pizzeria they are ordering from. It’s made to look like the hotel is making the food.

The owner tried order inn with us for a couple months. I heard him talking on the phone with them about charging for each hotel that we would be listed in and we basically just did a trial run. we didn’t get much off of it and like the previous comment said they call it in and you still have to put it in the system. from what I’ve seen it doesn’t seem to be really worth it, we would get maybe five or six orders a week, maybe in another area.

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