Order Online system.

Hi Guys

How much does this cost? i did some research but cant find that much. I really want to do this i have a computer in the restaurant so i could receive the online order via email or fax.

ANybody on here have this? and what is your opinion?

posted a similar thread about 10 days ago - should be on page 2 or 3 here … got a lot of good feedback. The most cost effective would seem to be Ehungry.com - no set up costs, $9,95 a month, only (I think) 25 cents per order. You can google a search and get dozens of companies offering the service at a wide range of prices, but unless you can afford to spend a lot up front & not see a return for some time, I’d start with Ehungry, and maybe upgrade to one with a higher level of service once you get the online ordering established - just make sure that you control the domain name that you’ll be advertising while you’re building up your online business!!

tango, give this a try I think you will like it
ask for andy
they did 100 percent build and it was included in our faxing and emailing compains
REALLY pays for itself in 1 day.
heres mine