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My website should be up & running in the next 2-3 weeks … I’d also like to add online ordering by the end of the year. I’d like some feedback about which company you use for your own online ordering, start up cost, monthly fees, and most importantly, the results you’ve seen in increased sales. Please give us a link to your site as well.

I’ve looked at a fair number of companies that offer this service that have a wide range of pricing for their services … I’m wondering if spending $500 for set up with a $100 monthly fee (includes opt in ordering for businesses, email mktg, reports, etc) is worthwhile for a top end company, or if the company is less important than the effort you yourself put into the online ordering option.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

hey NY

Internet orders do not just jump right away. It takes awhile to grow the internet business. I used to get 3-4 a day starting out…somedays nothing.NOw I receive about 15-20 day…I think my best day was 31 orders for like $750 and my biggest order online is $993.56

so it does work ,but you must promote it and you must let it build…its not an overnight gain.

$100 is not too bad…fixed fees are always better I pay $50 month for server etc…and I add $30 a month as they add coupons for me or change online information without me having to learn it…I do too much already



Thanks for the feedback- not looking to set the world on fire with this overnight - I’d be more than happy with the 3-4 orders a day you started with.

It seems that your online system is working pretty well for you … what sort of things did you do to promote it & build awareness? How long have you had it?

I am leaning toward the more expensive one for 2 reasons. First, the ordering menu they’ve set up for other places seem very user friendly (if it’s not at least as easy as ordering by phone, who’ll use it a 2nd time?). Second, the extra features would seem to make it much more likely to be able to bag the larger catering type orders.

I think the potential totally depends on your market. In a city, with “cubicle people,” it might be a critical tool. In a rural area, perhaps not so much.

My website has landed me some great accounts - who order regularly by phone, or in one or two cases, by email (they get a quote for a party). They FOUND me online, but don’t need to order that way…

So I think an online presence IS important for all of us, but online ordering maybe only for some.

MM, I agree with your point, I’m located in Denver - a fairly “tech savvy” market, but grew up in a rural area, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m kind of surprised there’s not more feedback on this one …

I had online ordering way back before a lot of people started doing it (1996) and had so many problems that it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sure most or all of the bugs have been worked out, but after talking with others who have it and only receive a few a day and must pay a per transaction charge, i won’t be doing it anytime soon. I think that if they want your pizza they still know how to use their phones and will call.

We started online ordering last month and to my surprise, it has really taken off. It’s only accounting for about 5% of my sales, but that’s without any marketing of it at all. I’m now going to be pushing online ordering with boxtoppers and soon doorhangers.

I think the best thing about online ordering is that the frequency of repeat customers seems higher than the average with phone sales. I have one customer that has ordered 6 times in the first month. Before online ordering, that same customer only used to buy from me about twice a month.

I’m sold on online ordering!

What is the advantage to using a service over just buying your domain for $10 and having hosted for $10 per month and having your website notify you when there’s an order?

The biggest advantage is I don’t have to code anything. The engine is already there. Before online ordering, I already had a website. But it would have been a massive undertaking to add e-commerce. Now, I just send my customers from my main site to the “ordering” site. I know the continuity is not perfect, but I don’t think the customers mind. If you’re wanting to experiment with online ordering without spending an arm and a leg, I recommend using a service. I use http://www.ehungry.com. It’s fast and cheap, yet it works fine.


checked out ehungry.com. Is it seriously only 9.95 per month, plus the fax fee? The only downside I see is the inability to handle 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas easily. Am I missing something? The last guy that tried to sell me this service wanted $150/month.

How do you receive your orders from ehungry.com?

Napoli Pizza,
You’re right about the inability of handling half and halfs. The workaround is the customer’s ability to type in messages. Most of the time, their instructions are adequate. On occasion, we will call them to clarify their instructions.

Yes, it’s only $9.95 per month (at least for now). The only other cost to me is the 15 cents that they charge to call me when an online order is submitted. A recorded call comes in and says “You have received an online order, please check your fax machine”. I do not use my fax machine, but I use e-mail notification that I have automatically print to a printer at my order entry station. It works pretty slick.

Here’s a link to my e-hungry site.

We offer online ordering as a supplement to our web design work. The big problem with online ordering is the business has not shaken off the scammers and slime balls.

Look for a few things:

  1. Who is collecting credit card sales? If your vendor has any control of your account run far away.
  2. Are they collecting data on a secure site? (does it say https:// in the address bar?)
  3. What are the hidden charges, if any?

There are good people out there, but there are more than a few fly by nighters! Don’t pay a ton of money for this service. Truth is the money is in the ability to collect email and send out announcements and coupons. We drove up sales online when we started sending out coupons to registered users, but more often than not they would bring the coupons into the store!