ordersnapp pos demo tomorrow

I have only seen one post about ordersnapp so I figured I would start this and let everyone know how the demo goes. I checked them out while at the expo in AC this year and the system seems very nice with some good features. I was currently shopping revention and speedline but I might give ipad based pos another shot. I had touchbistro previously.
My shop does pick up, delivery and dine in, we usually have 1 driver on day shift and 1-2 drivers at night.
The only thing I really didn’t care for was how pizza modifiers were text based and sort of turned into a drop down with options for whole/left/right. The interface may be able to be done differently but I’m not sure on that one.
Concerns: lag, ease of use, auto add delivery charge based on zone, getting a point based loyalty built in
Things I liked from expo: cash discount built in, available label printer, integrated online, caller id functionality, ease of adding and changing menu items, cost

Honestly I wouldn’t go any other route than Speedline. Their system is the best abd there’s plenty of OLO platforms to use, including their own (Speed Dine) and what we use for OLO Brygid.

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Thanks Steve,
I was actually very interested in Speedline and revention before the expo in Atlantic City this year. I wish Revention would have been there so I could use their system first hand, however after using speedline up close I feel I still would have went with Revention. I run a lot of different daily specials and make some things up last minute and the adding a menu item on Speedline was a little bit involved. Not difficult per say but just not as intuitive as a system of that price should be. Ordersnapp on the other hand was a clean system and ran a lot better than the touch bistro system I had in the past. I also did speed tests writing tickets (our current method) vs using the ordersnapp demo app. I was about 10-15 seconds faster with the pos than handwriting and thats without putting any customer info into the fields. Keep in mind we have been handwriting tickets for 5 years (minus the 6 months with t.b) and we are very quick with a pen and paper!
I also looked at arrow, thrive, foodtec, and PDQ. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but I just wasn’t crazy about those systems. Keep in mind its harder to really get into the systems with everything going on at the show and you think of 100 other questions on the drive home :confused:

Anyhow, Ordersnapp had a lot of nice features and while not as quick as a system with much more screen real estate it still worked very fast and moved through orders quickly and efficiently
Loyalty was built in and cost nothing. Currently loyalty is based on a percent off/dollar spent but they are releasing a point per dollar system very soon. The online ordering side of ordersnapp is very tight and has everything I need. Also as you add items or change prices it all updated throughout the pos, online and app. (you also get an app with the pos for 99/year)

Order splitting is nice and easy as well. You can actually drag items from an open order to a new order on the sidebar and the system automatically splits the ticket up. This is nice when you have phone in orders for businesses and the customer comes and has everyones money separate. (we get that alot actually)
What else… For certain specialty pizzas that have non standard toppings (like a smothered chicken pizza or smoked gouda pie ) the system starts with a remove item section so they can get say a philly steak pizza, hold the onions. Pretty standard stuff I know. Just trying to cover everyting.

For 99/month this is hard not to take a chance on. I have all the equipment to run one station already and by signing on with Heartland as my processor I will get the equipment for a second station. OLO is included which saves me 120/month, loyalty included, app for 99/year (apple of course), the ability to email and reach out to customers, I can see who hasnt ordered in 30 days through the reports and send a special or coupon if I wish. If I decide to cancel its a $400 dollar cancellation and return the equipment. At my current volume and what I’m paying for loyalty and OLO this isn’t a bad chance to take. Revention made me a very sweet offer and I still have to pass it up simply because I feel this system can handle what we do and integrate alot of different aspects of my business into one.
If you guys have any question please feel free to ask and I will keep you updated once I am up and running.

I wouldn’t say there’s a big learning curve with an adding an item/coupon. Most can be simply duplicated from a previous item/coupon and adjusted for the specific new item/coupon. Just the other night I added a few items after close and was done in less than 10 minutes. Once you’re used to it, you’re pretty good to go unless it’s very complicated and may need to call support, but even so, they get it right pretty quick

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