Has anyone used OrderSnapp for their POS? I talked to a few pizza places but they only used them for their online ordering. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I tried to use the POS for a couple days and it was a disaster. It would probably work for a small 1 terminal operation with very few deliveries, but anything more than like 2 drivers I would not recommend. It’s just not designed for volume.

Their online ordering is awesome though. Never had a single problem with lost orders or anything like that. They also create a mobile phone app as part of their service and it works even better than their online site. I would say the only negatives about their online ordering are their card processing rates are kind of high, you have to wait till the following Wednesday to get credit card funds for the entire week, and the software is not pizza specific so half and half pizzas can get tricky when building your menu.

Our online sales grew very fast so I had to get an integrated system, otherwise I probably would have kept them.

Who do you use now?

Thrive POS

Pardon my french but, F#&@ That.