Organic Cheese

I am working with a local supplier of organic cheese because we have a large calling for it. The first few test runs with it have produced an oily cheese when baked. It was a combination of gouda and asiago. Any suggestions why. I cooked it at the same temp that I use with my Saputo cheese.

Depending upon your baking temperature and type of oven, you might try baking at a lower temperature, keeping in mind that you will also have to bake longer at the lower temperature. If you have an air impingement oven, you have another option to explore, that is to reduce the airflow to the top of the pizza/ If you have any full open panels, you might look at replacing it/then with an insert that allows for less air movement or possibly even an infrared panel. This is something that I would discuss with my oven manufacturer before making any changes as they may have already adderssed the problem elsewhere so they might be able to recommend a new or modified profile.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor