Originial Chicken BBQ

How many of you make the original chicken BBQ pizza with smoked gouda? Do you use that alone or mix it with another cheese?

We’ve just revamped ours…using Cattleman’s Gold, grilled chicken, red onions, mozz & a sprinkle of cheddar - awesome

We do the same as yours Patriot except we use yellow onions and add bell peppers to it. Untill we came out with our GC alfredo, the wife and i would take a large BBQ GC home with us every Saturday night.

Ours is called a “BBQ Chicken Deluxe” with our cheese blend 75% mozza and 25% jack, our Southwest BBQ sauce base, rotisserie pulled chicken, caramelized yellow onions and mushrooms all under the cheese baked at 520 for 6.40 mins.

One of our best sellers but ony been open for a week!!!

2 ounces of shred gouda on top of sweet baby rays bbq sauce then pizza cheese and chiken onions…bake it…add cilantro after oven bake