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Hey everyone,

I have recently made a career move and have (along with my brother-in-law) decided to head full steam ahead into the pizza business. We are currently in the construction phase of our restaurant with a scheduled completion date of January 2008. For the past two years I have been pouring over PMQ.com (and other websites) as well as reading every periodical and publication I can get my hands on regarding the pizza business. I’ve been soaking up as much “book” knowledge as possible but we all know that all the book smarts in the world wont get you very far if you don’t have any practical experience.

Before I head out and attempt to get a job at a local pizza shop from someone I don’t know, I call upon you for help. Is there anyone local that is willing to take me in and let me work for you for a couple of months to get experience doing all aspects of running the show? I will work for free, minimum wage, whatever…I just need a little experience. I can also sign a declaration stating that I won’t steal any recipes or trade secrets you may have (I have been working on my own sauce recipes anyway).

If you have any room for me, even if it’s just to help out covering shifts, I will jump at the chance (of course, I’ll need a little training at first but I can guarantee that I am a very quick learner). Please respond to me here or email me at cdutchy@cfl.rr.com.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Ohh, one more thing. If I do find someone who is willing to help out we are willing to hire you as a consultant once we near opening and possibly into the first week or two of opening. If you’re interested of course, we can talk more about this later.

Thanks again,


No bites from anyone on here so far? I tried the walk-in, honest approach with a few local shops but they all seemed to think I was in it to steal their secrets. I even volunteered to work for free with a couple but still no luck.

I will go so far as to say that I will pay you if you let me in your kitchen for a week or two and let me get my hands dirty learning how to make the dough, make the pie, etc.

I give you my word that I have no hidden agenda…I’ll even extend a welcome invitation to our pre-opening pizza/wine taste testing.

My contact info is above for anyone considering this.


Anyone local to you will see you (in one way or another) as competition for a share of the local business and therefore will be unlikely help you get established. That’s not to say they won;t help you but there is a difference between - I’ve run out of xyz can you help and I need to learn the ropes of operating a store. Just think two years down the line when your set up and someone comes in and say - “I’m opening round the corner - care to train me?”

You best bet (in my opinion) is to look at areas say 45 mins to 1 hour away and ask the same question - you may get a better answer BUT at the end of the day this is the busy period and people may not want to commit time to train you in their busy period when you may in fact leave/no show at any time.

Hope this helps.

I thought about responding the first time but I don’t think I can teach you what you’re looking for. I am up in Gainesville, and would happily teach you what I know of dough management ect ect. The problem is my place is a delco, using conveyor ovens. I couldn’t begin to help you learn to cook on your Y-600’s as its been 15 years since I had a breif experience with deck ovens. As far as dine in, I haven’t worked that in 11 years and haven’t served slices in as much time. If you want to learn how to slap out 100 pizzas per hour on screens, and manage 12 drivers at a time, come on up. If you want to learn how to keep calm and collected in front of a full dining room as pizzas won’t slide off the peel into the oven smoothly, sorry, I won’t be of much help there.

I am doing this a little, maybe not an hour away but Orlando is the area I’m looking for help in and I’m opening the shop roughly 30 minutes south of Kissimmee.

Thanks for the advice though! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your consideration. :slight_smile:

I thought, too, of responding, as I’m 'bout the closest you’ll get to 192 w/o being competition…but…

I’ve “bought & paid for” my education & experience and I don’t come “cheap”…just as you had invested time & effort in your previous employment field, the same goes in the pie biz…either you work 4 some one or you learn by the seat of the pants…

of course, the #1 question is, why leave the old job & take on a “leary” option, at best, especially in Kiss?

That is my little itchy thought. Buying into a high attrition industry in a densely competitive marketplace takes guts and a plan . . . What makes you (and your lender) think you’re not one of the 75% who fail quickly?

what is that you need in training that is what this fourm is for it help if you work for a week or 2 at papa john pizza hut etc but do you need to know how the dough is managed or how to stretch the dough when i opened my first place i did not have any training and everything went very well till the town got filled with 5 locations for the big guys so i sold it ask us and we will help you in whatever
do you have a good product?
did you compare your pizza to others did you do a blind test did you get an honest openion on your pizza you need to make sure that your product is far better than the allready established pizza places that is a must before you invest any penny good luck