OT: A small rant/pity party

Well, I don’t know if I’ve told you guys and gals, but I have been off work for 2.5 months because of my back.

It is a reoccurence of an old injury, NOT a worker’s compensation issue.

40+ hours a week apparently isn’t good on it now that it’s acting up.

Now, I have a new problem. Bursitis in both elbows that appeared at the same time. BUT, this happened just a week ago, and I have NOT been doing ANYTHING physical, short of house chores.

So now, here I sit, swollen elbows and an aching back, awaiting blood test results to see if I have Rheumatoid Arthritis going on. According to my physician, it would explain the double dose of bursitis.

I LOVE working for my local Papa John’s. My boss is extremely compassionate about the whole situation (his wife has a bad back, too), and apparently, my work ethic preceeds me. He assures me, when I’m able to come back, even if he’s full…he’ll make a spot for me.

Well, what if I can’t come back? If you had an employee you valued who was willing to do anything to help your company name get out there…what type of things would you do??? Door hangings…mystery shopping…some sort of office type work???

Or, would it not be worth your time?

I value your honesty as usual…and if you’re one that prays…I could sure use a prayer or two…I’m just 34…I don’t want to live the rest of my life on disability when I LOVE to work.

Thanks for the rant…even just typing this makes me feel a little better.

A good employee is worth waiting for. But I would not ask you to do anything until you are better or the doc says it is okay. Don’t make it worse. And you have my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Sorry to hear that, I hope you get better right away.

If your boos has more than one unit and if you cant get better any time soon (I hope you do) good position would be secretary & marketer, you can watch the daily operation without physical work. This way your boss can open up more stores or focus on something else and don’t have the deal with paperwork, marketing… etc.

Or maybe he can recommend you to other multi Papa Johns storeowners for that kind of position.

I am not too sure about pay rate, but I guess it would be base pay for secretary, bookkeeping and percentage for return on the Marketing you have done.

And once you fully recovered you can go back to management.

I am 31 and I had herniated disk but now I take it easy with my back. But whenever I work 14 hours a day back to back or carry something heavy pains come back but nothing like before thanks to God.

Good luck and get better.

I had my best driver break his leg, he couldnt drive but I made sure I kept him going and he REALLY has appreciated it. There are so much you can do just in marketing and heck answering phones on a friday…

Thanks all.

The only problem is, that nutty woman who shouted at me in the past is now the ‘marketing’ person…so I know that they will probably say we have enough people in marketing…even though I KNOW that I would do a much better job than she ever would.

I mean, I had to tell her what the abbreviations were for pounds and ounces…not good if you’re over the Partners In Education program, huh? :roll:

Why do you stay at this store if it is so mismanaged? Move to another Papa John’s where things are better run.

Next closest one is 30 miles round trip.

Just can’t see the reasoning in traveling for a pizza job, unless I was the GM or AM.

No other pizza shops near you? With an independent, you would be able to make changes without worrying about corporate. A small shop owner would appreciate someone with your enthusiasm and insights.