Otis Gunn..Would Members Share Memories

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Thanks for looking for a picture for all of the members to see, how Otis delivered his pizzas. His little vehicle sure was unique, just like Otis was.


After royster13 posted the picture of Otis’s little electric car, I went on Google to search for the car, to see if there was any information on it. This is what I copied and pasted.


Thursday, October 4, 2007
Purveyor Pokes Pinholes in Pizza Paucity

What many RVers have missed in Quartzsite might well be taken care of: Good pizza–delivered.

A little electric car is now flitting about Quartzsite, delivering those Italian wheels, gooey with cheese, and flowing with fragrance. Did you meet Otis last year, when he was down by the Quartzsite Yacht Club? Don’t look for him there this year: Pizza Wheel has moved location and spiffed up in the Quartzsite General Store parking lot. Here’s a spot where you can cruise in, bring your own soda (or buy one of his) and sit under the shade of a new pizza tent. Or, for some, even better, pick up that cell phone and dial in for delivery: Yep, Otis will now bring your pizza to you for just a buck additional.

If you’re not familiar with the Pizza Wheel’s offerings think of “The Fifty Pounder.” Yeah, 50 pounds would be a lot of pizza, but we’ll reveal the “secret:” 50 slices of pepperoni plus a full pound of cheese. A 20 incher that will feed 5 or 10 folks. I dunno, my taste buds turn over just dreaming of the Supreme: sausage, sweet peppers, onions–and I’ll add a bit of those optional pineapple bits. Could I mow my way through 14" of Supreme for $11.99? Time will tell.

Otis’ Pizza Wheel offers four varieties of pizza in three different sizes–it’s his specialty. But don’t let your guard down: Already the pizza is proving priceless–two times already (before the season is rolling) Otis has run out of dough: “When it’s gone, it’s gone,” Otis shrugs. There’s only so much room in the pizzeria.

Pizza Wheel at 410 East Main Street–the Old B-10–open 11AM to 7PM, but closed Tuesdays. Give 'em a call for in-town delivery at (928) 927-5339.

And beware: It’s presumed prodigal pepperoni purchases will propagate your paunch.

My recollection of Otis, always keen to learn (although he obviously knew a lot - and not just about pizza), keen to share and always ready to help out those with problems.

The kind of guy that you’d want to have a beer and good long chat with. An alround nice guy.

Wizzle Wassell,

Thanks for sharing your memories of Otis. From your memories I have found out more about Otis and it sounds like he was a person that never gave up, had patience, a concern for his fellow men, wanted to help anyone, and never expected anything back. In my opinion what he did with his life was to care about other people and that has a great significance.


I contacted a lady that knew Otis at one point in her life. She also has fond memories of Otis and said I could share what she said about Otis. This is an email, I received from Betty.

Another member of PMQ think tank contacted me and also is interested in finding out who Otis’s relatives are, so maybe we could show them how much everyone cared for him. If anyone knows relatives or friends, maybe we could contact them and maybe send then a card with all the fond memories of Otis Gunn.

This is the email from Betty, and it also can be seen by her email how much Otis was liked.

Dear Norma,

I met Otis when I first moved to Tampa from NC in 1976. I had a romantic relationship with him for a while. I met him when I was working in a local savings and loan in the Tampa Bay area. He was one of my customers. I was 22 years old when I met Otis and he was definitely an “older” man! LOL!

I thoroughly enjoyed knowing him. He drove a yellow Audi Fox which I thought was quite something. I never visited his home; we had a dating relationship and he always came to my house to pick me up. It was by no means a heavy relationship, but we always had a good time.

The last time I saw Otis was in downtown Tampa at an art exhibit in 1979 or 1980. I never knew what happened to him after that because I wound up getting married and lost touch.

Do you know anymore? I would be interested in notifying his family. I certainly liked him and thought he was an awfully nice, southern gentleman.



Betty and I are corresponding though email now and she gave me more memories of Otis. This is what she wanted to share.
Otis was wacky and fun. Very light hearted and I adored him at the time. He was also very handsome.
Just remembering Otis.