:smiley: Otis, just checking in with you to see how your first day was? I hope everything went smooth. Tell us a little about what your shop looks like, and what besides pizza do you have on your menu?

I know his place used to look like a fancy fair vendor’s trailer with an awning and chairs beside it . . . I also want to know how the night went. He has a good head for it, and should have been peeling dough off the ceiling.

Opened Thursday and it’s been good…
for a trailer, tent, and electric delivery buggy in a grocery store parking lot in a small desert town in AZ.
Ran out of dough about an hour before closing the first day. About 55 pizzas a day, just pizza and soda, keeping the 3 of us busy, especially me making the dough.
Made tthe mistake of making too large of a dough batch in my barrel mixer Thursday night, mixed it too long, dough got warm and sticky and was not good…
Q-Matic oven working good so far, tomorrow’s a new day,

I have photos of the “pizza camp”,
if anyone wants to see them, I can send them to you by e-mail untill I can figure out how to get them on the “web”…or attach one here, do not know how to do it now,

Otis :smiley:

Well for opening day, I think that sounds like things went pretty smooth.
Is there really anything better than the smell of pizza? Ohhhhh wait…yeah the smell of money rolling in!

Congrats to you Otis!


SORRY BUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN electric buggy ?
you are delivering pizza on a cady?

the electric car I am using is made by Global Electric Motors
here’s the link



Is it the one in the photo?

If so it’s great … but a little too small to tow your trailer :smiley:


yes, it is the smallest GEM,
somewhat novel, 30 mile range, 25mph max, does the short stuff OK, will have to employ another vehicle when I get busier,
I have a large HTH topper on it that I light at night, right by Main St. it is my biggest advertisement,
it’s different, novel and people likke it…
not a equal substitute for a regular car

from the marketing geniuses here, j_orrk, Paul, Kyle, Fat Boy, and others, I am doing no formal advertising for 2 weeks after I open…so far so good, am about 40% of what I want to average…
plan to pound the town with door door hangers, I have more than there are houses here for multiple applications…
implementation is critical, I am still looking at the way I am going to get it done,

just got my first school order, 13 fourteen" pizzas !!
got it out in 50 minutes, all’s well
only have 40 something dough balls left for rest of day, hope we do no run out :shock:


Good for you Otis I hope you do run out they will call earlier next time.LOL 8) Makes you more money!!